Zurrieq come from behind to beat Mqabba

Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 9:55
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 2
Zurrieq   2
Mqabba  1 
Zurrieq managed to turn defeat into victory after a second half rally during which they dominated proceedings and scored two goals in the process after trailing 0-1 in the first half.
Mqabba created the first two actions. Salvin Magro released Karl Saliba in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner and Jean C. Farrugia served Saliba with a through ball in the area and Zurrieq keeper Nicholas Camilleri turned his shot to a corner.
In the first action by Zurrieq Kurt Sapiano was fouled on the right flank and after Mqabba keeper Curtis Callus partly saved the free kick by Wayne Farrugia the ball was cleared away while at the other end Camilleri saved  a shot by Saliba after he was put through in the area by Mark Baldacchino.
Zurrieq then created two other actions. Adrain Cutajar pounced on a faulty clearance and he missed the upright from inside the area and after Wayne Cutajar was fouled on the right flank Callus palmed the ball away to safety from the free kick by Wayne Farrugia. 
Mqabba opened the score in the 17th minute when they won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Salvin Magro and from his flag kick the ball hit the inner part of the far post and ended at the back of the net. 
The last two actions before the break were created by Mqabba. Magro released Farrugia in the area but he failed to apply the killer touch when well-placed and Luca Aquilina served Saliba with a through ball in the area and Camilleri saved his shot to a corner. 
In the first action after the restart Mqabba came very close to double their lead when the ball was cleared on the fatal line from a cross-shot by Farrugia after a solo run down the right flank. 
After this narrow escape Zurrieq started mounting action after the other. Cutajar dribbled past an opponent outside the area and Callus was forced to dive and save his shot to a corner. Sapiano was then fouled outside the area and Wayne Farrugia drove slightly over the bar from the free kick and Cutajar released Sapiano in the area and Callus denied him with a fine diving save. 
Zurrieq equalised on the hour as Marlon Caruana served Wayne Cutajar with a through ball in the area and as he was fouled by the on-rushing Callus, Wayne Farrugia made no mistake from the resultant penalty. 
In an action by Mqabba Daniel Casha was fouled on the right flank and the ball missed the far post by inches from the free kick by Jake Callus. 
In the 70th minute Zurrieq scored their winning goal when Caruana was fouled on the left edge of the area and as Callus fumbled the ball from the free kick by Wayne Farrugia, Adrain Cutajar had the easiest of tasks to head the ball into in an empty net.  
Zurrieq kept trying and Caruana served Sapiano in the area and the ball missed the upright from his shot.
Mqabba created the last action before the end when Jake Callus was fouled outside the area and Camilleri saved the free kick shot by the same player.
Zurrieq: N.Camilleri, M.Bugeja, M.Caruana,A.Cutajar, W.Cutajar, M.Debono, A.Farrugia, J.Farrugia, W.Farrugia, K.Mifsud, K.Sapiano
Mqabba: C.Callus, K.Saliba, E.Zammit, M.Baldacchino, J.Callus, S.Magro, J.C.Farrugia, D.Casha,L.Aquilina, C.Buhagiar, R.Polidano
Referee: Ryan Aquilina                                   Player of the martch:Kurt Sapiano (Zurrieq)
by Victor Ciangura courtesy by The Malta Independent.

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