Youth Football:Mellieħa too strong for Naxxar

Friday, October 30, 2015, 22:27

Gavin Muscat

APS Bank Under 17 Section C 2

Naxxar     0

Mellieħa    3

Mellieħa dominated the game throughout the whole 80 minutes of play and had they taken all the chances that they created the final score would have been different. Naxxar only managed four shots at goal and three of which came from free kicks.

Mellieħa threatened from the very first whistle. Michael Micallef dribbled past two opponents on the left flank and the ball missed the near post from his cross-shot and David Cutajar released Arsenio Caruana on the right flank and Naxxar keeper Gianluca Abela saved his cross-shot.

Naxxar then won a free kick on the right flank after Matthew Calleja was fouled  and the ball was headed away after the free kick was taken by Bernard Gauci.

In the 14th minute Mellieħa opened the score as Caruana dribbled past an opponent on the left flank who then crossed to Mattei Vella in the area who netted with a low drive.

In an action by Naxxar Jeremy Mifsud square-passed the ball to Mark Frendo and Mellieħa keeper James Magro saved his shotr from the distance.

The pressure by Mellieħa resumed. Caruana was fouled outside the area and after Kyle Bonanno served Micallef with a short pass from the free kick Abela saved his shot in two attempts and did likewise minutes from a similar action.

In the first action after the resumption Caruana released Micallef in the area and after Abela partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away.

In the 43rd minute Naxxar came close an equaliser as the ball missed the upright by inches from a free kick by substitute Nathan Vella after Gianluca Grima was fouled outside the area.

Mellieħa doubled their lead in the 53rd minute when Mattei Vella pounced on a faulty clearance who scored with a low shot after entering the area.

Naxxar created another action as Grima served Frendo with a through ball in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner.

The score became 3-0 in the 65th minute as Micallef entered the area after dribbling his way past three opponents and scored with a hard diagonal drive.

In the game’s last action Micallef was fouled on the left flank and the ball missed the near post from the free kick by Bonanno.

  • Naxxar:  G.Abela, K.Calleja, M.Calleja, J.Camilleri, M.Deguara, M.Frendo, B.Gauci, J.Grech, G.Grima, J.Grixti,J.Mifsud
  • Mellieħa:  J,Magro, M.Attard, K.Bonanno, A.Caruana, D.Cutajar, G.Galea Caruana, M.Mair, M.Micallef, M.Said, M.Vella, S.Sammut
  • Referee: Karl Galea
  • Player of the match:  Michael Micallef (Mellieħa)

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