Youth Football:Żejtun far too strong for Sta Luċija

Friday, December 11, 2015, 16:13

APS Bank Under-17 Section C 2

Żejtun far too strong for Sta Luċija

Żejtun   12

Sta Luċija    0

Victor Ciangura

Żejtun scored twelve times during the game as Sta Luċija offered a very feeble challenge and they are still pointless from three games while Żejtun are on 6 points from 3 games.

Żejtun keeper Yandrick Cassar could have stayed at home as he only dealt with back-passes from his colleagues as Sta Luċija did not manage a single shot at goal.

The Żejtun youngsters created the first two actions. Daniel Plumpton served Kyle Buttigieg in the area and he headed slightly out and Clive Cassar served Jurgen Galea with a through ball and he drove out from inside the area.

The rout commenced in the 10th minute when Jurgen Galea scored with a low drive from inside the area past Sta Luċija keeper Eleizer Haidon after being put through by Isaac Baldacchino, Haidon then denied Owen Zahra with a fine diving save. The score became 2-0 in the 16th minute. Cassar released Zahra in the area and after Haidon partly saved his shot Baldacchino netted from the rebound.

The pressure resumed and Zahra scored with a low drive after being put through by Jurgen Galea to make it 3-0 in the 22nd minute and a fourth goal was scored in the 30th minute when Jurgen Galea was tripped in the area and the Żejtun keeper tokk charge of the penalty kick and netted with a low shot.

Two more goals were then scored in the 32nd and 35th minutes,. Jurgen Galea scored with a low drive after being pur through by Buttigieg and Gilmour Carabott scored with a rising shot after Haidon partly saved a shot by Buttigieg, and three minutes before the break it became 7-0  as Jurgen Galea scored with a hard low drive after a cross from the right flank by Carabott.

Two minutes before the break both teams were reduced to ten men as the referee showed the red card to Sta Luċija player Hassan Alafari for striking Baldacchino and the latter was dismissed for head-butting.

Goal No 8 was cored by Buttigieg as he netted with a lobbed ball after a Jurgen Galea through ball in the 42nd minute. Jurgen Galea then scored a ninth goal in the 46th minute after a cross by Zahra.

Haidon then effected two very good saves as he deinied substitute Warren Abela and Daniel Plumpton. Zejtun added three more goals between the 68th and 80th minutes. Substitute Jaidon Vella scored with a hard drive from the edge of the area after being put through by Plumpton. Abela then scored with a hard drive after a through ball by substitute Luke Bongailas and Buttigieg scored with a rising shot from outside the area after a through pass by substitute Dwayne Mercieca to make it 12-0.

  • Żejtun:  Y.Cassar, G.Carabott, O.Zahra. J.Galea, J.Cassar, D.Plumpton, C.Cassar, N.Balzan, J.Galea, I.Baldacchino, K.Buttigieg
  • Sta Luċija:  E.Haidon, D.Agius, G.Agius, H.Alafari, Hossin Alafari, B.Barbara, J.D’Amato, M.Ellul, J.Mallia, L.Gatt, S. El Hadiri
  • Referee: Andre’ Psaila
  • Player of the match: Kyle Buttigieg (Żejtun)

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