Youth Football: Two sent off in tense game

Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 11:57

APS Bank Under-17 Section C 1

Two sent off in tense game 

Rabat    1

Melita   2

Victor Ciangura

Referee Andre’ Psaila had a difficult game to control, which he did very well, as it turned out to be a tense affair after the change of ends. Melita are now on 8 points from 4 games while Rabat have a point less also from 4 games. The first period was a balanced affair and Rabat created more actions after the resumption.

Melita created the first action as Gianluca Distefano releaed Timothy Zammit in the area and Rabat keeper Damian Borg foiled him with a timely sortie while at the other end a perfect cross by Mark Asciak from the right flank found no takers in Melita’s are to apply the killer touch.

In the 6th minute Melita opened the score as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Andrew Galea. The ball was partly cleared outside the area and after a rebound shot by Andrew Borg Hedley was partly blocked  Timothy Zammit scored with a hard grounder from the edge of the area.

Rabat then created three actions. Aleandro Brincat served Asciak with a square pass and Melita keeper Isaac Mousu saved his shot from the edge of the area. Brincat was fouled outside the area and Mousu saved in two attempts the free kick shot by Asciak and Asciak then releaed Gianluca Bugeja in the area and he missed the upright with his high shot.

In another action by Melita Andrew Thake floated a perfect high ball in the area from a free kick and Borg turned the ball to a corner from a shot by Borg Hedley, and Rabat created the last two actions before the break. Asciak received the ball on the left flank from a long drop-kick by Borg and after entering the area Mousu partly saved his shot and the ball was cleared away and Mark Borg square –passed the ball to Bugeja in the area and Mousu denied him as he saved his shot in two attempts.

Two minutes after restart Rabat equalised  as Mark Borg served Asciak with a through ball in the area and he scored with a hard low drive.

Rabat kept pressing and mounted two more actions. Asciak was fouled on the left flank and from the free kick by the same player Mousu was forced to fist the ball away to safety and and the same player then dribbled past an opponent and the ball was cleared away following his low cross from the edge of the area.

In the 55th minute Zammit committed the miss-of-the-match when he drove out with an open goal at his mercy after being served with a perfect cross by Borg Hedley, but he made amends six minutes later when he scored with a tap-in after a perfect square pass by Borg Hedley to make it 2-1.

In the 67th minute Rabat came close an equaliser when Christian Farrugia was fouled on the left flank and Mousu had to dive and save the free kick shot by Asciak.

Rabat were reduced to ten men in the 73rd minute when Leone Ellul was shown a second yellow card and three minutes later they were further reduced to nine men as Lincoln Micallef was shown a straight red card for foul language.

  • Rabat;  D.Borg, L.Micallef, M.Bonavia, L.Ellul, K.Camilleri, G.Bugeja, M.Borg, C.Farrugia, A.Brincat, M.Asciak, A.Micallef
  • Melita:  I.Mousu,  G.Distefano, A.Thake, L.Padovani, T.Zammit, A.Galea, A.Borg Hedley, M.Pellgrine Petit, K.Ferry, R.Grima, A Randon.
  • Referee: Andre’ Psaila
  • Player of the match: Mark Asciak (Rabat)


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