Youth Football: Deserved win for San Ġwann

Friday, December 11, 2015, 19:05

APS Bank Under-15 Section B

Deserved win for San Ġwann 

Kirkop   1

San Ġwann   4

Victor Ciangura

San Ġwann were by far the better outfit in this game and altough they suffered an early set-back they domonated proceedings throughout the game and are now on maximum points from three games while Kirkop have only one point also from three games.

In the 5th minute Kirkop opened the score when Owen Grixti was fouled on the left edge of the area and Omar Khatib scored with a rising shot from the free kick past San Ġwann keeper Krassimir Zammit.

San Ġwann reacted as they created two actions. Liam Borg was fouled outside the area and Jean Paul Attard drove over the bar from the free kick and Borg released Christian Gauci in the area and Kirkop keeper Dylan Ciappara foiled him with a timely sortie in two attempts.

In the 18th minute San Ġwann were denied by the wood work as the ball thumped the bar with Ciappara beaten from a hard drive from inside the area by Borg after a well-taken flag kick by Attard.

The pressure by San Ġwann resumed. Gauci served Borg with a cross from the left flank and he missed the upright from the edge of the area and Matthew Xuereb pounced on a faulty clearanceand Ciappara had to dive and save his hard drive from outside the area.

In the 24th minute San Ġwann equalised when Attard was fouled outside the area and after the free kick by the same player Gauci scored with a header from inside the area, and a minute later Attard released Borg in the area and Ciappara denied him with a diving save in two attempts.

In the 26th minute San Ġwann scored a second goal as Gauci netted with a tap-in from inside the area after a through ball by Attard and in the last action before the break Xuereb was fouled just outside the area and Ciappara saved the free kick shot by Attard with a diving save in two attempts.

Kirkop created the first action after the resumption as Kyle Robert Zammit was fouled on the right flank and Zammit saved the free kick shot by Khatib in two attempts.

The score became 3-1 in the 44th minute when Owen Spiteri served Gauci in the area who scored with a low drive past Kirkop substitute keeper Dejan Bonnici.

San Ġwann kept pressing. Substitute Braydon Madu served Gauci with a cross from the right flank and Bonnici denied him with a fine diving save. Borg released Gauci in the area and after Bonnici partly saved his shot he also saved the rebound shot by Madu and Gauci set Madu free in the area and he drove slightly over the bar.

Just before the final whistle San Ġwann scored a fourth goal as Borg dribbled past an opponent on the left flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Madu who netted with a low drive.

  • Kirkop:  D.Ciappara, J.Aquilina, K.Azzopardi, S.Buhagiar, S.Darmanin, E.Gatt, O.Grixti,  O.Khatib, M.Mizzi, I.Portelli, K.R.Zammit
  • San Ġwann:  K.Zammit, O.Spiteri, L.Musu, M.Xuereb, J.P.Attard, L.Ciantar, C.Gauci, R.Zarb, L.Borg, K.Bartolo, K.Desira,
  • Referee: William Galea
  • Player of the match: Liam Borg (San Ġwann)


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