Youth Football: Deserved win for Birżebbuġa

Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 18:18

APS Bank Under-17 Group Stage: Section D

Deserved win for Birżebbuġa

Birżebbuġa     3

Sirens              0

Birżebbuġa were the better team in this game and fully deserved the three points as they enjoyed the lion’s share of exchanges during both periods. Sirens managed only three shots at goal during the whole 80 minutes and one of which came from a free kick.

The early pressure came from the south sea-siders. Kurt Camilleri set Ian Blake free in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner. Miguel Brincat served Camilleri with a through ball and Sirens keeper Jeremy Cauchi had to come out of his charge to kick the ball away and later he saved to a corner a close-range shot by Dean Freando after a cross from the right by Blake.

In the 19th minute Birżebbuġa opened the score when Owen Pace served Camilleri with a long and high through ball outside the area and after he outsped an opponent entered the area and lobbed the ball over Cauchi and into the roof of the net.

In another action by Birżebbuġa Pace released Blake on the left flank and Leon Cardona foiled him with a timely tackle.

Two actions were then created by Sirens. Gilbert Pisani served Kyle Chircop with a through ball in the area but he was not able to make any further progression as he was crowded out by two defenders and a flag kick by Chircop created havoc in Birżebbuġa’s area and the ball was somehow cleared away to safety.

Three minutes before the break the score became 2-0 as Pace served Camilleri in the area and he scored with a hard and low diagonal drive.

Birzebbuġa keeper Ristan Schembri saved a cross-shot from the right by Jerome Ciantar after he was put through by Nathan Bonnici.

The pressure from Birzebbuġa resumed. Wesley Peplow released Blake in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner and Brincat pounced on a loose ball outside the area and the ball missed the bar by inches from his hard rising shot.

In an action by Sirens Bonnici was fouled outside the area and Schembri saved the free kick shot by Pisani.

In the 62nd minute Birzebbuġa came very close a third goal as they won a corner kick on the right flank and from the cross by Peplow the ball was cleared on the line and in their next attack  three minutes later they scored a third goal as Camilleri served Frendo with a through ball in the area who scored with a hard rising shot.

In another action by Sirens Douglas Nappa dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and the ball was headed away from his cross and Birzebbuġa kept pressing as two minutes before the end substitute Kaylon Borg dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and the ball missed the upright from his hard drive from the left edge of the area.

Birżebbuġa: R.Schembri, K.Camilleri, M.Brincat, K.Mangion, I.Blake, J.Buttigieg, M.Planojevic, A.Busuttil,O.Pace, D.Frendo, D.Camilleri

Sirens:  J.Cauchi, K.Chircop, G.Pisani, D.Nappa, F.Zammit, N.Bonnici, D. Charadzeluca, D.Genov, J.Ciantar, L.Cardona, J.Falzon

Referee: Jules Ngangwe

Player of the match;  Kurt Camilleri (Birżebbuġa)

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