Youth Football: APS Bank U15 – Luqa FC Qualify For Group Stages

Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 19:00

APS Bank Under 15 Knock Out{ Second Leg: Gzira 0 – Luqa 3

Luqa have qualified for the Group Stage with an aggregate of 7-0 after having won the First Leg 4-0, and Gzira will now compete in the newly-formed Section D .

The youngsters from Luqa were the better side during the game by creating more chances than Gzira and pressed their opponents from the very first whistle. Ronan Cassar released Matthias Caruana on the left flank who entered the area after dribbling past three opponents and the ball missed the upright from his shot.

In Luqa’s next attack in the 6th minute they opened the score. Sean Mifsud floated a high ball in the area from a free kick , the ball was cleared to a corner after a shot by Caruana and from the flag kick by Cassar the ball was partly cleared outside the area and Mifsud scored from the rebound with a hard low drive past Gzira keeper Neil Vella.

In a Gzira reaction they mounted two actions. Oktay Hasan served Jake Formosa with a through ball and Mifsud foiled him from further progression with a perfect timely tackle and Youssef Mohammed dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and his perfect cross in the area found no takers to apply the killer touch.

Luqa then resumed with their pressing as they mounted three further actions before the break. Matthias Manicolo dribbled past a defender and the ball finished over the bar from his effort from outside the area. Luqa then won a free kick outside the area after Mattheus Attard handled the ball outside the area and the ball missed the upright from the free kick shot by Mifsud and Daniel Camilleri was then fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared away from the free kick by Mifsud.

Gzira created the first two actions after the restart. After a run down the right flank by Attard. Luqa keeper Hayes Farrugia neutralized the ball from his cross and Mohammed was then fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick by Zayne Cassar.

In the 45th minute Luqa doubled their lead as substitute Jack Azzopardi released Miguel Pace in the area and he scored with a hard low drive.

In another action by Gzira Mohammed was again fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared away from the free kick by Cassar.

The score became 3-0 in the 50th minute as Miguel Pace dribbled past two opponents on the right flank and scored with a low shot after entering the area.

Another action was then created by Gzira as Edwards dribbled past an opponent outside the area and substitute keeper Nicholas Attard saved his hard drive, from the same action Attard served Mifsud with a long drop-kick who then released Caruana on the right flank and the ball was cleared away from his cross.

Gzira created the last action before the end when Hasan served Leon Borg with a square pass and Attard saved his shot from the edge of the area.

Gzira: N.Vella, M.Attard, D.Borg, O.Hasan, A.Maatoug, Y.Mohammed, K.Edwards, Z.Cassar, L.Borg, J.Formosa, N.Debono

Luqa; H.Farrugia, L.Pace, S.Mifsud, J.Sammut, D.Camilleri, R.Cassar, J.Aquilina, M.Manicolo, M.Caruana, M.Pace, S.Dimech


Referee: Joe Mizzi

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