Young Table Tennis players perform well in Austria

Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 0:18

The hard work being put in by TTN Malta in respect of its students development has recently been certified at the 61st Malta Junior National Championships.  TTN Malta students obtained the following titles.


U11 Boys / Girls Category: Sacha Pace was declared Malta Champion

U 11 Boys / Girls Category: GabirielMelillo placed 3rd

U13 Boys Category: Sacha Pace was declared Malta Champion

U15 Boys Category Plate Event: Luke Cassar finished 2nd place

U15 Boys Category: JurgenSammut was the declared Malta Champion

U18 Boys Category Plate Event:  Daniel Said 1st and Sacha Pace 2nd

U18 Boys Category: JurgenSammut was declared Malta Champion

U18 Girls Category: Jessica Pace was declared Malta Champion

U15 Doubles Category: Kurt Craus / Sacha Pace were declared Malta Champions

U21 Mixed Singles Plate Event: Jessica Pace 1st

A selection of TTN Malta students have only recently returned from Austria. The players were undergoing an International training camp at the Werner Schlager Academy. Director and head coach of TTN Malta told us that the WSA is the current hub where the best table tennis players and coaches of Europe and the world are congregating. “ It does not only serve for our players development and improvement but also for me as coach to keep abreast with the modern techniques in Table Tennis coaching and training, I use the camp to observe and discuss with Mario Amiciz, Richard Praus, DerkWenga, DimitiriLevenko and ProvasMondial who are considered the top notch coaches in Europe and some worldwide. I then look forward to passing on my knowledge to our existing and forthcoming youngsters ” TTN Malta specializes in coaching and training of Table Tennis for youngsters and adults alike besides organising its own tournaments, competitions and special events. Readers may learn more by joining the growing FACEBOOK group or calling on + 356 9944 6916.



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