Yachting in Malta is 35 Years Old

Friday, December 3, 2010, 14:01

Yachting in Malta, acknowledged as the definite directory to the services and facilities of the yachting industry in Malta, is 35 years old.

The 9th Edition of this publication meant for distribution during 2011 and 2012 has just been launched 35 years after the publication of the first edition in 1976.

Wilfred Sultana introduces the 9th edition of Yachting in Malta (2011-2012).

Wilfred Sultana introduces the 9th edition of Yachting in Malta (2011-2012).

Wilfred Sultana, known as a journalist and promoter of nautical events, originated this guide for which he is editor and publisher.  ’35 Years of Service 1976-2011’ has been the theme assigned to this 9th edition also marked with the publication of a personalised postage stamp.

Yachting in Malta is primarily addressed to visiting yachtsmen, and touches on various topics that are bound to make a yachtsman’s sojourn in Malta a far more worthwhile experience. Detailed information is presented on the Islands’ yachting centres with a focus on every marina’s Neighbourhood. Other topics presented are related to Yacht Repair Facilities, Yacht Chartering, Maritime Law, and Marine Insurance.  An interesting and useful listing is entitled Brands Mini Directory, where maritime products/brands and their Malta representatives are given.  An extensive presentation is entitled At Your Service where the profiles of the various services provides are listed.

Two new topics introduced in this edition are related to Business Aviation and Investment Openings, both considered of interest to the targeted foreign readers comprising superyachts owners.

Yachting in Malta also offers useful information related to tourism, nautical sport, diving attractions, maritime history museums, dinning delights, traditions and fiestas programmes as well as suggestion on various property opportunities. A particular attraction is made up of two photographic documentations; one related to exclusive sailing scenes and the other presents a selection of superyachts that visit Malta.

The Foreword of this edition is made by Dr. Mario de Marco, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture. In his reflection Wilfred Sultana paid tribute to the people whose initiatives, dedication and endeavour contributed to establish growth and development within the yachting industry in Malta.

The front cover depicts a stunning photograph of the famous Maltese Falcon leaving Grand Harbour under full sails.

Concurrently with the publication of the 9th Edition, a related website – www.yachtinginmalta.com.mt – was also launched.

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