Xghajra T. Under 18 in Sweeden

Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 9:49

Global College Malta sponsorship of Xgħajra Tornados helps the under 18 team to an award at The World Youth Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Thursday 15th August 2013, Malta – Roger Andersson, one of the main organisers of The World Youth Cup for football, sometimes also known as the Gothia Cup, made a special visit to Xgħajra Tornados this week., The under-18’s within the Tornados who have just participated for the first time in this prestigious tournament which attracted over 1600 teams from 60 countries to Gothenburg in Sweden last month from 60 countries. Mr. Andersson is very impressed by the spirit of the young Maltese team and has made a journey out to Malta to extend a personal invitation to Xgħajra Tornadoes to take part in the 2014 edition of the world’s most famous youth football tournament.

Mr. Andersson says, “Xgħajra Tornadoes is a football club from the small seaside community of Xgħajra, located in southeastern Malta., At first glance the club is very much a family club, but we were very impressed by the Maltese contingent this year and that’s why we awarded them a very special award, the award for Discipline &
Behaviour., Xgħhajra Tornadoes did an excellent job of representing the values of Maltese sport throughout the tournament and we look forward to seeing them return next year with more logistic backing and technical preparation, which is part of the reason I am here. They have great potential.”

Gothia Cup is a youth football tournament held annually in Gothenburg,Sweden, open for both boys and girls, and it is the world’s largest football tournament: in 2013, a total of 36,300 players participated. Spanning one week in July each year, the event becomes the dominant event in Gothenburg, with over 5,000 games played on 91 fields, and over 300,000 visitors to the centre on Heden. According to the Gothenburg tourism authorities, the Gothia Cup generates over 300 million Swedish kronor in tourist income for Gothenburg. city a???

Mr. Andersson continues, “The boys from the Xgħajra Tornadoes are following in the footsteps of notable players who played in the Gothia Cup in their youth, such as Xabi Alonso, Andrea Pirlo, Cristian Zaccardo, Emmanuel Adebayor and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, amongst others. We are convinced that the Maltese boys will benefit from training for the 2014 competition, and we have many international scouts visiting the tournament in Sweden, anything is possible. I understand that AC Milan intend to establish a football school in Malta in the near future and this will be in conjunction with Xgħajra Tornadoes, that’s just one outcome from participating in our tournament.”

Newly elected President of Xgħajra Tornadoes, Professor Brian Smart of Global College Malta, a major sponsor of the club said, ” Gothia Cup is about international meetings, football and friendship and I am absolutely delighted that our first strategies for developing the nursery and giving our players a broader football education resulted in this surprise visit by Mr. Andersson, that’s due to the sterling performance and exemplary behaviour of our boys in Sweden. The fifteen boys and four officials who represented Xgħajra Tornadoes in Gothenborg did us proud. I also wish to acknowledge the generosity of Mr. Angelo Mifsud from Lambusa Maritime Shipping for his generosity and support in sponsoring part of our historic Swedish trip. I hope it will not be long before some of our boys are attending Global College Malta, and that some of our students and faculty??? are soon playing forusing the facilities at Xgħajra Tornadoes.”

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