Wu Shu Ky kickboxing club joins KMS

Monday, October 17, 2011, 10:30

by Catherine Micallef

Wu Shu Ky full team

Wu Shu Ky full team

Master Silvio Camilleri teaches martial Arts for over 22 years in the Maltese islands and he believes that Martial Arts is not a destination but it’s a  Journey. His Wu Shu Ky Kickboxing Club have just completed formalities to become members at Kunsill Malti għall-Isport (KMS).
 In 2003 WSK club joined the World united Martial arts federation(W.U.M.A) which is one of the biggest federation based in uk.From the date of joining, the club abroad every year to compete where many maltese athletics achieve good results and make our country proud.
Later this year once again Master Silvio CAmilleri with his assistant coach Kenneth Scerri will take part in a world championship that is going to take place in Italy. The fighters who will be taking part in the different disciplines like K1, Muay thai & Kickboxing are Clayton Portelli, Damion Caccatiolo, Tyrone Muscat, Chrisother (the winner) Bezzina, Chris Said, Darren Scerri and the youngest one Matthios Christano aged 14.
It s a  great occasion for Maltese athletes to gain experience and make new  friends on the international fighting-sport circuit.

 Anyone interested to start practicing this kind of  Martial Arts, can either visit the website www.kickboxingmalta.com or log in from Kunsill Malti ghal Isport website.  Also, a visit in the WSK club which is fully equipped  is always welcome.

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