WSK Tyrone Borg in local boxing scene

Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 14:27

Wushuky club situated in Mosta and headed by Master Silvio Camilleri for the last 24 yrs, is now  extending classes for those athletes, ladies,beginners and kids who want to work out. One can find different disciplines  to train and not only Kickboxing. Classes vary from beginners, intermediate and advance evening classes for kickboxing, morning fitness  classes for theladies and new to the club are Boxing classes headed by professional boxer Mr. Steve Martin who is licensed under the Brithish boxing board. He is also graded as a Black belt in Kickboxing but is now  focusing more on boxing . He is currently the  Wushuky boxing coach and from his past experiences he has what it takestopass on agood trainingknowledge through a  professional system of boxing techniques and stamina classes.

One of his students Tyrone Borg, has recently undergone a series of intense training classes and  took part in Gladiators Fight Night event on the 7th December held at MFCC Ta’ Qali  where he faced opponent Chris Debono, a Ying Yang student who has been in the scene and competed in several events.

Coach Steve Martin has trained Tyrone and recently competed in 2 boxing events were he  won both. The last boxing fight consisted of 4 rounds,  were the first 3 rounds ended in a  draw. It was in the last round that Tyrone stepped up the pace and threw very clean punches and showed good technique that led to victory.

Tyrone has also competed in the Malta Kickboxing Championships were he is the current title holder for the Local Cruiser  Weight division.

Anyone interested in attending any of these classes kindly contact Master Silvio Camilleri or Alan Borg , WSK CLUB ,Fortizza road, Mosta or WUSHUKY homepage on Facebook. Wsk is a member of 2 recognized  federations named WUMA (world united Martial arts)  & WMKF (world Martial Kombat Federation).


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  1. Alan says:

    Well Done Tyrone for the big improvement you re doing quickly.. & thanks SPORT IN MALTA website where help Martial arts sports & keep people updated


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