WSK Kickboxer Tyrone Muscat back to the podium

Sunday, December 11, 2011, 14:21

Last Wednesday at MFCC Ta’ Qali, Gladiator promotions organized the second event which consists the  National championship fights where it finished with an European Light-weight title fight between Kickboxing champion Daniel “The Jet” Zahra vs Jose “Bogas” De Oliveira, of Portugal. Daniel wins Jose after 5 rounds where made Malta proud.

Tyrone Muscat from Wushuky kickboxing club headed by Master Silvio Camilleri fight in the seventh bout where faced Jonathan Psaila of the Ying Yang Kickboxing Club.In the first round ,the fight was balanced from both fighters where normally happen to testing each other. In the second round tyrone  displayed combinations of kicks and punches which often found there mark and after the 95 seconds beat his opponent with a beautifully front kick straight to the chin then Psaila try to resist but tyrone was to quick where he beat him again with a jab cross and rolled over the floor. Coach Noel Mercieca threw  the towel  to save his fighter from getting a serious injury. Tyrone’s  improvement  was evident and is waiting the upcoming fight in Marsala , Italy on December 18th where he will fight in the international italia open Cup.  In passed October Tyrone fought in WTKA world  championship in Tuscany where he lost his fight with Michele Ficco with only 2 points. After that,Master Silvio with his assistent Coach Steve Martin  trained him hard for the fight against Jonathan Psaila where achieved the result in the second round. Tyrone muscat where participate the first time in the world championship that  was held in Malta in 2006 till now has 10 fights where won 6 fights + K/O.

The link below is where Tyrone will going to take part again in Italia next week. Another maltese fighter( Darren Scerri) will assist him and will fight too in the name of our country.



  1. Kevin says:

    Keep going the improvement you are doing mate and we look forward to see another podium on 9th June.


  2. Steven Bezzina says:

    qed niehu gost nara lil tyrone jasal s hawn.nawguralek habib tieghi success kbir f dan l isport  jixraqlek :)  


  3. Darren says:

    Well done Tyrone !**!**!
    Impressive combination of agility and strength! Keep it up.


  4. Alan says:

    Well done. . Keep going & good luck for the fight n Italy


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