World’s best internationals must pay to enter the national pool

Friday, July 2, 2010, 16:04

A number of water polo clubs have voiced their concern with the ASA about the decision to charge the foreign players that play for local clubs to be able to enter the national pool to watch local league games.

Bogdan Rath and Heiko Nossek

Bogdan Rath and Heiko Nossek

The foreign players that have been signed by clubs this year include world class stars such as Sliema’s Bogdan Rath, San Giljan’s Heiko Nossek and Neptunes’ Tamas Molnar to name a few. This surely doesn’t give the right impression of Maltese water polo overseas, as it’s the equivalent of  having Frank Lampard being asked to pay to watch Arsenal play against Manchester United!

At we believe that preferential treatment should not be given to these players just because they are foreign, but a solution should be found whereby the ASA gives a number of passes to the clubs which it can then distribute at will to it’s players, coaches, committee members or whoever they deem fit.

The only players who are allowed to enter the national pool’s spectator area for free are only those that form part of the national squad. These players have their photos in the ticket office so that the pool staff can recognise them.


  1. il-gemel says:

    Dr Austin
    Se tfalli? Din ideja tieghek jew tas-sur Segretarju? Ara x’ghamel il-President Abela.


  2. carol says:

    pastazata ohra mill-asa. Insaqsi fi zmien Robbie Ebejer kienu jsiru dawn l-affarijiet ?


  3. Martin Calleja says:

    Thumbs up for this article. It is ridiculous and unheard of that players especially us local ones have to pay to watch matches.

    We put in the same effort and enthusiam all national team players put so why the discrimination? just cos they are a bit more talented or because they are preferred by the national team coach?


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