World Games Colombia 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013, 19:02

Late July and early August 2013 will see the hosting of the eighth edition of the World Games, in Cali,Columbia. One of the many sporting disciplines included in this gargantuan festival of sports will be tenpin bowling, and Malta will be ably by Melissa Swift and Justin Caruana Scicluna, the pair having qualified recently in a selection tournament run by the MTBA, at the Eden SuperBowl.

The World Games is an enormous sporting event held every four years, and the this year’s Columbia is set to comprise no fewer than 36 different sporting disciplines ranging from artistic Roller skating, to more traditional team sports, martial arts, weight lifting, and also a range of ‘Invitational Sports’ such as softball,canoe marathon and others. Tenpin Bowling will fall into the ‘Precision Sports’ category alongside billiards,boules and field archery. Incredibly, more than 70 nations from all corners of the globe will be participating in the 2013 World Games.


Men’s Division: Caruana Scicluna tops Arpa to clinch

The MTBA qualifying event was played over three days and three 8-game sessions, on the simple qualification criteria of top score over all 24 games. It was Kenneth Arpa who occupied the top spot after day one, on a sound 1776 tally (222 average), 98 pins ahead of Justin Caruana Scicluna (1678, 209.7), with Danial Swift lying third on 1606 (200.7). Kenneth managed to hang on to his advantage through the second session which put him on 3342 pins (208.8), over Justin on 3293 (205.8) and Danial on 3204 (200.2) still in touch and bringing up the rear. Day three proved to be a real thriller as it soon became clear that it was to be an 8-round slugging match between Arpa and Caruana Scicluna for the top spot. The pair near matched each other for seven games,with Caruana Scicluna edging ever closer to opponent for the glory, and after a total of 23 games from 24,just one more game to play, Arpa’s lead was a mere three pins over the youngster (4790 – 477). Pressure may have gotten to the 2-day leader as he shot his lowest game of the tournament, a 159 which was eclipsed by a solid 223 effort from Justin, enough to bag the top prize by 61 pins, for 5010 over 24 (208.7 ave). Kenneth Arpa finished second on 4949 (206.2) with Danial Swift staying third on 4764 (198.5).

Ladies’ Division: Abela plays second fiddle to dominant Swift Malta’s most prolific tenpin bowler ever, Sue Abela is not used to settling for second place, but that is exactly what she had to do after an inspired winning performance from Melissa Swift in the ladies event.

Melissa showed supreme consistency in her opening games, her lowest game coming in game eight (180) which rounded off a 1642 for the day (205.2). Abela was 93 down in second (1549, 193.6) and Joanna Attard lay in third on 1475 (184.3). All three challengers fared slightly better on day two, but Swift was more than able to stave off any attack from the formidable Abela, still leading after 16 on 3341 (208.8) against Sue’s 3192 (199.5), and a 2962 interim from Joanna Attard (185.1).

The pace dropped only marginally over the back eight, with all three contenders suffering mixed bag of highs and lows on the lanes. Melissa Swift wasn’t about to let her chance at glory slip away, and clocked out on a 4881 total for 24 (203.3), with runner-up Sue Abela on 4698 (195.7), and Attard on 4410 (183.7).

The pair will be actually competing at the 2013 World Games in Cali in the first few days of August, and their trip will be funded by the MTBA, and supported by the MOC and KMS. Melissa and Justin will be afforded use of the Eden SuperBowl’s facilities in order to ensure adequate training leading up to their trip to Columbia.

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