World Cup star to undergo trial with Floriana

Sunday, December 4, 2011, 15:57

by Joshua Cacciattolo

Eric Akoto is set to start training with Floriana next Wednesday after the Greens are in search for a top defender following the injury of Tyrone Farrugia.

The thirty one year old caught the eye of many when he played for for Togo in Germany at the 2006 World Cup. He has 56 caps and has scored one World Cup goal.

Akoto has played league football in Austria and Germany but is looking for a new club after being released by Australian club North Queensland Fury.

Described as an athletic defender the former Blackpool trialist is seeking a move to Malta for a short spell.


  1. Ray says:

    santos, first write your real name coward and then we talk idiot.


  2. Ray says:



  3. Ray says:

    Santos,first of all write your real name coward. Second, it’s not your business. Third,don’t write stupid things idiot and last thing you are jealous my friend.


    Lucia davies Reply:

    @Santos and Malta football,, cowards show your names than we’ll know that you are probably from our rivals who’ll do anything to blacklist our reputation,,, 19 times TROPHY winners and 25 League champions, only one club in Malta exceeds us with 1 trophy and 1 League and that is Sliema Wanderers,, Eric Okoto this is the real Floriana


  4. santos says:

    ERIK beware of floriana dont go, they are small club, if you go , go to valletta or sliema they are big clubs , booby trap AKOTO beware


    Condom Di Santos Reply:

    I think Santos is living in a dream … Floriana has beaten both valletta and sliema … apart all Floriana FC won the Trophy against valletta whom they said they won it before they play but as usual they see more than they truily can achieve …. Keep on dream Santos


    Demm Ahdar25 Reply:

    sur sandro, ala ed thalli dat tip ta kummenti bla sens fuq din il page? nixtiq inkun naf, dan l istess persuna ed jikteb u jider bic car li jrid jamel hsara lil club glorjuz tana


    massimo Reply:

    Welcome Erik the biggest teams in Malta Floriana and Sliema have a look. Floriana fc won 105 Honours  44 Cups Leagues and FA.Trophy .  Sliema over 100 cups. Valletta fc 75 cups and 4 cups won by other team valletta utd. Welcome Erik in the most glorius club in Malta FLORIANA FC.


  5. KONDI says:

    @santos , true talk. Floriana is a club with bad administration. They talk big when they need a player with all promises , but in just 2 years 8 players has sent their Ases to the federation with unpaid salaries , and multreatment. …… I will advise Erik to be careful with them. ENERYONE KNOWS THEM IN MALTA.


    C.Busutill Reply:

    I think that you are living in a virtual reality life. Do you know that nowadays all player must have their wages paid in due time…. We as truilly Maltese Football lovers welcome you to Floriana FC. They are one of the most prestigious clubs on the maltese island…. not to mention winning the Trophey for 19 times …..We wish you luck and a successful venture with the Greens .


    Jacob J. Micallef Reply:

    Thank God everyone knows “them”! Then everyone knows that we’ve won the league for 25 times and the trophy for 19 times. Please do advise EriC (because you even got his name spelled wrong) to talk to our current squad as we are more than sure that he will only get positive feedback!
    Welcome to Floriana FC Eric ;) you will love the fans as we have always treated players that had Floriana FC at heart with great respect!


  6. malta football says:

    Akoto they will trick you like they did to other foreiners in the past…Amateur status Etc.


    C. Busutill Reply:

    Top Player with a Top Team … Perfect combination…… All the Maltese Football Lovers welcome you to the Maltese Island


    lucia davies Reply:

    @malta football   if you are man enough tell us which players were tricked,, don’t talk through your a**e,,,you always have to poke your nose into other peoples business,,,,,,Wellcome Eric Okoto


  7. micallef mousu carmen says:

    welcome,to the most glorious club in malta


  8. Foriana says:

    Welcome to Floriana FC all supports are glade to hear that. Well done Eric Akoto great move with a glorius club in Malta.


  9. GreenLion says:

    Goodluck Akoto :) , all the best! :D


  10. FFC says:

    Welcome to the most glorious club in Malta, Im sure you will have a great time with a team managed by a very professional Commitee under the guidance of President Said. Good Luck mate ;)


  11. DC says:



  12. santos. Germany says:

    Akoto dont go to Florianas . They will put you in a trap. if yoy value your carriar. dont go there.


    R.Rakyov Reply:

    Playing for Floriana FC meaning an opportunity of playing in UEFA or even Better


    Alfa sos Reply:

    Learn to spell Floriana first please and what’s the problem for signing for one of the best clubs in Malta?


    Evergreen Reply:

    who are you to say that? Floriana played in the Europa League and has the one of the most professional administrations in Malta.


    dean Reply:

    santos, we would like to know what we are talking about… but if you’re just making up bullshit I suggest you stop. the only trap that exists is the one keeping your very tiny brain in its place.


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