Works in Progress for Floriana Futsal Club

Sunday, August 12, 2012, 16:36

With less than a month to start playing in the Malta Futsal K/O, Floriana Futsal Club is currently strengthening the squad.  The former Todos Club in the last 4 years came from the 4th division to the top division with a record of 3 years unbeaten in the Futsal League.

Floriana Futsal’s training is carried out under the guidance of a new but experienced coach at De La Salle College’s gym.  The sessions vary from tactical to fitness and endurance.  The team spirit is high and and it’s amazing to follow these sessions!  The squad contains various players who have previous experience from 11 a side football teams, some of them played in a Premier Level and also from other Futsal teams.  The squad is composed of 24 players and good to know that in the coming months we shall cover them individually on this site.  There are 6 national players confirmed for the next season.  These are Pio Scriha, Kurt Bartolo, Andy Mangion, Chris Brincat, Daniel Brincat and Andre Mamo.  In the meantime the club is near to finalise 3 other ex-national players to form part of the Floriana Futsal Team.

For those who are not so much familiar with Futsal, the played game is very fast and players need to be concentrated, work together and have a good stamina.  Each official game is 20 minutes each half in duration.  When the ball goes out of bounds over the sideline (touchline), it is put back into play with a kick-in. The kick-in cannot go directly into the goal. When the ball goes out over the end line, it is put back into play either by throwing the ball back into the playing area, or awarding a Corner Kick. After a goal has been scored, it is put back into play by a kick off.

Players can score from anywhere on the field.  No shoulder charging is allowed but sliding tackles are allowed as from last year.  All fouls are penalized just like in an 11 a side game, and for every 6 fouls there is a Free Shot. In every half the number of fouls restarts from 0 but for example if in the first half there are 8 fouls from a team there are 5 fouls and 3 free shots, as every foul after 6 is a free shot. The opponent must be five yards away from the ball at the time of the kick. In Futsal no off-sides are given. Players have 4 seconds to take free kicks, corner kicks and kick ins. Goalkeepers have only four seconds to get the ball back into play upon receiving it.

Till the next Futsal article, I encourage the readers of this site to get more interested and appreciate the game played.

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