Women Go Play Rugby!

Friday, August 13, 2010, 11:47

When asked what is the best attribute of rugby, what first comes to my mind is that rugby is a game for all!

The idea of rugby as a men’s game is only history nowadays, one can tell when learning about our local women’s rugby, with the number of players and teams on the rise. It’s not hard to explain the reason, once you get into this outstanding team sport it’s hard to let go!

Trying to define rugby in brief, I should start by saying that rugby entails teamwork and supportive play, which are key factors, as you learn how each and every player on the pitch has an important role at any time of the game. These two factors together is what makes a team win games and most of all enjoy playing.

The laws of the game (and these are not few) are designed to minimize the risk of dangerous acts and make the game much safer than one can imagine, and this implies that discipline from players plays a big part in the game as well!

Then there’s the social part of the sport, as after the games on Saturdays there’s what is known as the Third Half, where the two teams which were just playing against each other, go spend a couple of hours together perhaps singing some rugby songs!

You may ask what are the physical requirements to start rugby? There are none! Rugby is available to all shapes and sizes, and all levels of fitness. Some might dread that rugby can be a very physical contact sport. But fear not, as preparation entails going through all the skills, technique, and fitness and get ready to play with the minimal risk from injury. In fact, with rugby one can avail from an all round fitness.

This team sport brings along experiences shared with team mates which they will remember and treasure as time passes by. Whether being something that happened during a training session, or winning the final game, or at a party organised by the club, there are always moments that one would never forget.

I could also mention when we went on Tour to Pisa, where we had two matches with their local team there. We had a good performance and won both games, but really it was their welcoming friendship and organisation for the after-match that made the tour exceptional.

Touring is part of the rugby culture and host teams always make the best to organise a good third half with the visiting side!

In the coming months we’ll see the start of another rugby season, which will include beach rugby and touch rugby tournaments to start with, and competitions of both 10′s and 7′s rugby for women. Hence, if you like feeling fit, strong and confident, whilst playing a wonderful game and making new friends, then try rugby!

So don’t wait further, join in this unique team sport with KAVALLIERI WOMEN RFC. Contact us on 99485756 / 79061585, or email on kavallierisecretary@gmail.com.

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