William Chetcuti 8th in ISSF World Championships

Friday, August 6, 2010, 21:43

William Chetcuti was leading in the ISSF World Championships Double Trap Event this morning after he managed 49/50 in his first round and another 49/50. In his third round he managed 46/50 for a total of 144/150. With this score he was equal 5th with another five shooters to compete in a shoot off for fifth and sixth place in the barrage finals.

Holguin Jeffery from USA and Hu Biuyang from China managed two pairs in the shoot off to qualify for the barrage finals
Pan Quang from China and William Chetcuti both managed 3 out of four clays to finish 7th and 8th respectively.

Before the barrage finals Mosin Vasely from Russia was leading with 147/150 which is an equal world record.
Richmond Joshua from USA was second with 146/150
Bognar Richard from Hungary was third with 145/140
Shih Weitin was fourth with 145/150.
Holguin Jeffery 5th with 144+s/off+4
Hu Biuyan 6th with 144+s/off+4
Pan Quang 7th with 144+s/off+3
William Chetcuti 8th with 144+s/off+3
Fokev Vitaly 9th with 144+s/off+1
Aldeehani Fehaid 10th wth 144+s/off+0

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