Who said cycling is an individual sport ?

Thursday, June 9, 2011, 18:47

by Sandro Micallef

Etienne Bonello

Etienne Bonello

One of the sports events I made it a point to visit during my overseas assignment last week in Liechtenstein for the 2011 GSSE games was cycling. Although the Maltese cyclists did not manage a medal I really was impressed by their dedication and high spirit.

I had the opportunity to speak to the four cyclists that represented Malta some days after the Time Trial on our way back to Malta and I must admit that I was really impressed with the level of training they undergo. 

What is your opinion about this Sport of cycling ? Can you be clean and ever win an international competition ? 

Watch parts of Etienne Bonello’s Time Trial race in Liechtenstein by clicking on the below links and you will have an answer if Cycling is an idividual sport or not !!!









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