Wheelchair basketball

Friday, March 22, 2013, 22:18

On the 30th March which will be Easter Saturday, MBA will be organising a wheelchair basketball festival at the Ta Qali Outdoor Courts from 9.00 till 14.00. This is going to be done in collaboration with MBA, Inspire, Dar il-Kaptan and Breaking Limits.

All clubs are invited to form a team or more to participate in this event. Participants need not be registered players, but anyone who wants to join such as family and friends are more than welcome. Wheelchair athletes will be assigned to each team on the the day which will play along with your team.

Sports wheelchairs will be provided for everyone on the day. This event is mainly targeted to create awareness about the sport and promote inclusion so the participation fee is going to be that of 2 euros per player only. Proceeds will go to buying sports wheelchairs for wheelchair athletes.

This is the Facebook event Link:


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