Weightlifting National Championships‏

Friday, November 9, 2012, 8:00

This week, all those who love weight and power training had the opportunity to indulge themselves in a world of spectacular lifts and heavy barbells. The Maltese weightlifters came head to head to prove who’s the strongest in each category during the National Championships organized by the Malta Weightlifting Association. Considering the amount of participants and officials one can call this competition a huge success which proves that this sports is on the right path to reach glory.


The competition was divided into the following four age categories: Cadets,Youths, Juniors and Seniors. First in action were our youngest athletes, however one can say that at these ages we focus to achieve perfection rather than excellence, therefore in this category the barbell wasn’t loaded with heavy weights however the audience could enjoy the beauty of the technique from these young athletes had to offer. This category was aimed for athletes who are younger than 13 years, in which participated both male and female athletes.


Next on the list was the youth category which had a very good number of participants, in fact it was divided into two, the U15s and U17s. In this competition we had some fresh faces who managed to record a satisfactory result. Emersin Bugeja won the U15s 77kg cat and became the overall youth champion with a total of 128 kg recording 164points. In the U17s section Thomas Farrugia was the overall winner with 201 points. In this category the twins Hayden and Joran Farrugia broke 7 national records each for a total of 14 records. In the female section Nicole Gatt stood out for her amazing performance, earning the title in both youth categories, juniors and seniors breaking not less than 18 national records with a total of 108kg, achieving 155.007 points


Next on the agenda was the female and male Junior/Senior competition which could be considered the main event for it competitive nature. In the senior female category the overall champion was Jessica Ghigo who only won over Nicole with a fraction of a point, recording 155.348 points.In the male category we had a fierce competition between Rodmar Pulis and Matthew Muscat Inglott who both were competing for the 85kg and overall title. However in the head to head dispute Pulis managed to clinch the title of overall Junior and Senior champion with a total of 225kg. Pulis had to wait till the last lift of the competition to assure his victory, but the 15 kg increase was too much for Inglott who finished the competition with a total of 211. This competition was directed by Jesmond Caruana with the help of other technical officials.


The next event for the MWA is the London Championships in which both Rodmar and Nicole will compete.



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