Weightlifting: Maltese athletes shine in Antwerp

Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 18:07

Gavin Muscat

Top ranked Charles Degiorgio and Kris Mintoff both managed to obtain good results overseas over this weekend.  Degiorgio who weighed in at 81kg managed lifts of 215/125/262.5 for a 602.5kg total while Mintoff obtained 235/147.5/272.5 for a 655kg total at 99kg bodyweight.  Degiorgio obtained the highest points tally of the unequipped section of the competition, while Mintoff did the highest total of all unequipped lifters.

The Belgium Open was held on Saturday 14th May.  This was the first edition of this competition.  The Belgium National Championships were held in conjunction with an open competition which had the participation of countries such as England, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, besides Malta.

Team Malta, Team Ireland, Team England after the competition

For Degiorgio this was the first time in years competing in the -82.5kg category.  He managed to break the squat, deadlift and total Maltese records in this category, in the process.  All numbers except the bench press were personal records.  Mintoff PRd on the total by 5kgs.

Degiorgio started solidly with a 200kg squat attempt and got his second attempt with an easy 215kg. His third attempt with 220kg was disallowed on depth.  He got all his attempts on the bench, 115, 120 and 125kg which looked easy and smooth.  He opened with a 250kg attempt on the deadlift and got his second at 262.5 to miss his third at 267.5kg at knee level.

Mintoff got his first squat at 220kg and was disallowed his second attempt at 232.5kg on depth.  Nonetheless he decided to increase weight for the third attempt, and nailed an easy 235kg lift on his last.  He benched 140, 145 and 147.5kg in succession.  All attempts looked smooth and comfortable.  He finished the day by nailing all three attempts in the deadlift.  These were 260, 267.5 and 272.5kg.

Degiorgio sets a new -82.5kg NR Deadlift

Mintoff openes with an easy 260kg in the deadlift

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