Weightlifting for young participants at SkolaSport

Sunday, May 29, 2016, 15:05

Weightlifting for young participants at #OnTheMove SkolaSport 

Gavin Muscat

A large part of the success sustaining the programme #OnTheMove SkolaSport is due to the dedication and passion of professional coaches who every week train enthusiastic young participants in various sport disciplines.

Rodmar Pulis, one of these committed #OnTheMove SkolaSport coaches, who is a top athlete in this sport and winner of various honours in international competitions has been instructing weightlifting within the sport programme for the past 4 years.  According to Pulis, the most important objective when coaching beginners is that children have fun. This, coupled with learning the basic skills of the sport, helps the youngster to become confident enough to make the big step to start vying for the Olympic discipline.

“The introduction to weightlifting is no different. Besides teaching basic technical concepts like ‘snatch’ and ‘clean and jerk’ with age appropriate bars, we also focus on other important aspects of weightlifting such as overcoming stage fright and confidence building,” explained Pulis.

#OnTheMove SkolaSport is organised by SportMalta and is sponsored by Kellogg’s, the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereal.

Skolasport participants are now gearing up for their End of Year Sports Event. For further information, one can visit SportMalta website www.sportmalta.org.mt or contact the Programmes Section at the SportMalta Head Office on tel. 2203 6000.

Coach Rodmar Pulis training a Skolasport participant in weightlifting

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