Weather Forecast…..Predicts a Challenging and Exciting Euromed!

Thursday, December 19, 2013, 16:54

by Wilfred Sultana

The weather conditions definitely have an impact on the outcome of a sailing event. Wind and sea conditions may appeal to the big sailors and be adverse to the small-build sailors – or the other way round!


What is ordained for the hundred plus young protagonists on the 4-day Euromed Malta Championship 2013 starting on Thursday 19th going on till Sunday 22nd?


The weather predictions for the Championship days are:


Date 1: – Fair, High 17 deg Celsius, and Easterly winds Force 2 to 3


Date 2: – Isolated Showers High, 17 Deg Celsius, and South easterly winds Force 3 to 4


Date 3: – Isolated Showers High, 17 Deg Celsius, and South Easterly winds Force 2 to 3


Date 4 Final: – Possibility of Isolated Showers, High 17 Deg Celsius, and Easterly winds Force 3 to 4


What does this mean for the Race Committee and the competitors?


John J. Ripard (founder member and first President of Young Sailors Club): – “Organising the Euromed is already a huge undertaking; having a record entry makes it all the more challenging; the weather forecast becomes a critical variable in determining how the event works out. Certainly any weather from the North Easterly quadrant poses a big challenge for the Race Committee owing to the exposure of Mellieha Bay to this direction. Although it is early to say for sure it looks as though the winds will be ranging in direction from East to South East and in force from 2-5 making for a challenging and exciting event”.


Peter Dimech (Principal Race Officer): – “I am not too happy with the forecast. Easterly winds are not good for Mellieha. However that is something we will look at on the day. Forecasts change! The whole team knows what to do in the event of bad weather. We will just have to wait and see”.


Jovin Rausi (Malta Jury) – “Looks like a busy time for the Jury!”


Jean Paul Fleri Soler (Malta Team Manager) – “Yes the Easterly winds will make it very shifty in the bay as the wind will be coming over Santa Maria Estate. This will make it very difficult for the sailors to understand which side of the race course will be the favoured side.  Also if the wind keeps changing direction during the day it will make it very difficult for the mark laying team as this year we will have more marks to be moved. But as long as we do not get a NE (Grigal) we should manage to fit in all the races”.


The Euromed 2013 competitive program will be made up of nine races in all….2-3-3-1.  Races on all days start at ten except on the opening day of event when these start at eleven.


Seabank Resort+Spa in Mellieha is the official hotel of Euromed 2013 while Maxima Lido on the sandy beach ofMelliehaBay will house the race office and the launching area of the Championship.


The Euromed Malta Championship, now in its 14th Edition, is organised by the Malta Young Sailors Club with the cooperation of the Kunsill Malti għall-iSport and the Mellieħa Local Council.


The Mediterranean Bank is the main sponsor of Euromed 2013 which is held under the patronage of the Malta Sailing Federation.

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