We need to move out of the comfort zone – Norman Darmanin Demajo

Saturday, July 23, 2011, 13:52

by Sandro Micallef

In his conclusion at the MFA Annual General meeting the MFA President made an emotional appeal to the Clubs as he remarked: “Do not  be afraid of the future, the MFA is there to support you and will always respect you since you deserve it”

In his 30 minute concluding speech the MFA boss said that he is personally not afraid of the change. “There is always an element of risk in each change you undertake but we are convinced that with the right investment we can succeed together”.

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He went on to give details about the MFA’s Marketing strategy whereby he mentioned the various projects to be undertaken by the MFA namely: new catering facilities at the Millennium Stand, perimeter advertising system to be installed soon, new scoreboard, new electronic ticketing system and the possible opening of a memorabilia museum at the FA’s premises.

Norman Darmanin Demajo delivering his concluding speech at the Westin Dragonara

Darmanin Demajo said “We could have opted to do nothing or less things and sit comfortably in our offices in the past year, but we decided to work and invest and that is why we have a negative balance in our finances this year”.

During his to the point speech the MFA President said that all at MFA and the Clubs need to move out of the standard comfort zone in order to be of a better service to the game.

We could have ended the financial year with a EUR1.5million favourable balance (profit) because we have registered and increase of EUR100,000 income in the MFA’s accounts but theoretically we have a negative financial balance since we decided to invest in the Club’s infrastructure, added the MFA Presidentt.

The MFA boss also confirmed that more full time employees will be contracted by the MFA and there will be a re-shuffle with regards the existing part timers. This will eventually add to the already 20 new salaries of the 20 new employees engaged by the new administration.

“We cannot work with part timers, we are similar to a business company so we have to be more professional” added Darmanin Demajo.

“I am planning to hold the MFA Council meetings at 2.30pm instead of the traditional meetings at 7pm. We will compensate financially those council members that will take time off from their work” he stressed.

The only negative aspect of Darmanin Demajo’s speech according to many was the fact that he remarked that the MFA will finance only EUR5,000 for the full time administrators for the MFA Premier Clubs. This can be considered as yet another U-Turn by the new men at the helm of the MFA as Darmanin Demajo and co had promised to finance Clubs for the administrator role the sum of EUR8,000 per year in their electoral programme before the Mifsud v Dede election.

He finally made reference to the match fixing issues that are being discovered internationally, and made another appeal to the audience to help him and the MFA fight this problem.

BOV and FXDD deals

In the meantime Darmanin Demajo said that Bank of Valletta has just confirmed a three year deal sponsorship whereby the bank will again sponsor the National Leagues. Another confirmed sponsor is FXDD which will be the main and official sponsor of the Malta National team. No details were given about the deal with the New York based company.


  1. max farrugia says:

    Wot a nice and perfect annual general meeting oopppsss norman I thing u missed to give us an update about the norway v malta scandal case. …. Oh sorry perhaps u want no one to spk about this issue any more ? Action


  2. wenzu says:

    nahseb wasal iz zmien li nkunu nafu min huma dawk il players tal loghba kontra norway


  3. ccassar says:

    vera kaz li l-mfa qed tahdem hassra li l-flus li kienu gew imwedgha lill-clubs al amministratur mux se jinatawk kolla kif imwieghed…… joe mifsud kien taghhom 10K mhux 8K issa 5K fejn huma l-presidenti biex jipprotestaw ? il-bqija jidher li mexjien tajjeb xorta nahseb li l-fatt li se mmorru nilabu fil-grawnds tal-mosta,pemboke mtarfa ecc mhus se tirnexxi – cassar


  4. julio says:

    I think people dont understand the need of being professional to improve the game of football. And professional means that first the administration has to be professional not the players.That is the wrong way we tacckled football in these last 30 years. Yesterday nobody asked a single question regarding the finances of the association beccuase for the first time Mr Portelli explained every single entry and The President continued to give details of his plans for the continuity to improve the clubs situation regarding income. Yes if there is the need of more employees to guarantee more money towards the clubs , I beg Mr Damanin Demajo to do so for a brighter future for the family of football in Malta. For the first year of Demajo’s presidency nearly 500,000 Euro went directly to the clubs’ pockets through gate money and more than 5 million in infrastrucutre and more to come. I attended nearly 27 general meetings as an official of a club and never saw club’s representatives smiling as I saw yesterday.Simply because every club is thinking what project is next instead of how to pay his MFA’s bills. This year every club made profit from the final accounts or broke even. Thanks President , yopur view has now been accepted by the clubs , a little bit late because three years were spolied down the drain but better late than never.


  5. P Sant says:

    20 new employees????? Doing what exactly????? What additional work did they do which was previously not being done????? Did I understand correctly – are we to add to this number yet again????? And Premier clubs are to receive just EUR5,000 for their administrator???? Is the focus still on the association or on the clubs, clubs, clubs?????


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