We do not have any UEFA ban – Robert Micallef

Monday, March 14, 2011, 12:00

By Sandro Micallef

If Marsaxlokk will finish second in the BOV Premier League they will still be eligible to participate in the preliminary round of the UEFA Europa league despite having been disciplined by the MFA for the bribe case involving one of their administrators and one of their players two seasons ago.

This was confirmed by Marsaxlokk’s President Robert Micallef in a phone call during yesterday’s TVM’s football show Kontrattakk that was hosted by Caroline Attard and Simon Farrugia.

Robert Micallef is confident that his Club will gain a UEL qualification

Robert Micallef is confident that his Club will gain a UEL qualification

Mr. Micallef  was initially commenting on his team’s loss to Birkirkara last Saturday and about the possible disciplinary action that his club Marsaxlokk may take against Julio Alcorse after the latter threw the Club’s jersey to the floor following his substitution in the second half.

In a supplementary question made by host Simon Farrugia the Blues’ President was asked what will Marsaxlokk gain if they were to register a second place at the end of the season when the Club has had a disciplinary decision following a bribery case. Mr.Micallef said “I can confirm that if we were to qualify we would be entitled to participate in the UEFA Europa League since the rules and regulations of UEFA stipulate that a Club cannot participate for a period of five years only if the decision is taken by UEFA and not by the local association. “I know what I am doing and I would not have invested heavily this season if I was uncertain about our possibility of a UEFA berth” he said.

Mr. Micallef however did not make any reference to the Marsaxlokk v Slaven Belupo match in which Ilir Pelinku ex player and coach and ex FIFA Referee faced charges of trying to fix the result of this game. No charges had been ever issued against the Club in this case.

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  1. Il-Bidwi says:

    Julio Alcorse should be ashamed of himself…as a Birkirkara supporter I feel sorry for those loyal Mxlokk fans who were singing his name just a few moments before this incident!!! If he had an issue with the coach, he should have waited till the end of the match and confront him, and not throw the club’s shirt on the floor!!


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