We continued to work on previous foundations – Bjorn Vassallo

Saturday, July 23, 2011, 11:19

Bjorn Vassallo during his introduction speech at the MFA AGM

In his first official address in an MFA AGM as the new CEO of the Association, Bjorn Vassallo went through the various achievements and vision ahead of the Association in the first administration year.

Vassallo said that the MFA has continued to work on the good foundations that the new administration found but it is now working with a different attitude.

“We have a different attitude to handle things and I can proudly say that we have improved the relationship with everyone involved in the local foorball” commented Vassallo from the Political Parties’ General Conference set up style at the Westin.

He added that local Clubs received an increase to their income of 88% in direct cash from the previous year. “In total we have given this year EUR325,000 to the Clubs as promised and this was distributed on a monthly basis” said the MFA CEO.

The MFA CEO also reported a 44% increase in paying spectators to local football stadia. 

Bjorn Vassallo went on to speak about the future of local football. He said that Clubs should not be afraid of the changes that are to be made in due course on the other hand, remarked Vassallo these changes should be perceived as opportunities and welcomed. Vassallo did not go in detail what changes he has in mind, although the MFA President has already hinted in the last MFA council meeting that one of the immediate changes will be that of a clean sweep of some part-timers working at the MFA to be replaced by full timers.

“We are offering you the tools, now its up to you” commented Vassallo.

“We are committed to keep on helping you, but Clubs need to make their part too” he added.

The 31 year old MFA CEO said that one of the MFA’s main tasks in the coming months will be that each and every project that has either been commenced or proposed must be completed with no further delay. Other Sports associations are improving so we need to get moving as well he highlighted.

In his conclusion, the brain behind the new era of the MFA said that the MFA has changed its approach and is much more closer to the Clubs and the general public. “We are ready to listen to everyone and we welcome criticism and suggestions from all our members, and we need to have this approach since we need to plan future projects together”

He finally thanked the MFA staff for their sterling and committed work in the new system.

“We had a frenetic and hectic year and this was simply because we wanted to make sure that we deliver what we had promised prior the election” ended Bjorn Vassallo.

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