Waterpolo winter league roundup – Part 2

Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 14:00

Following our assessment of Sliema’s and San Giljan’s performance during the BOV Waterpolo Winter league, we will now concentrate on the remaining 4 teams in the league.

Neptunes goalie, Nicky Gouder

Neptunes Emirates languished in the mid-table position throughout the league to finish in a respectable 3rd position which still leaves them in the running for the title. Newcomer Maltese-American Bryan Buhagiar took some time to settle into his new team with Jordan Camilleri filling in the shoes of his elder brother Steve to score a vital equaliser in the game against Sirens. Perhaps the team’s best performance came against Sliema in a 6-6 draw during which Neptunes were leading 4-0 and could have administered the game and gain a very vital victory that would have propelled them to the top of the table.

Karl Izzo’s landing in St. Paul’s Bay proved to be a difficult one, given that Sirens have had a depleted roster over the past couple of years including former captain Jonathan Valletta and Paul Privitera. Nonetheless, Clint Mercieca, Charlie Zammit, David Cutajar and Alex Attard took the responsibility on their shoulders, especially in the tight 9-9 draw against Neptunes to try and bridge the gap against the other top 3 teams. Having said that, Sirens never seemed to be good enough to beat Sliema and San Giljan, meaning that the St. Paul’s Bay side need to work much harder to challenge for the summer league, although they are still in the running for the winter league too.

The bottom two teams in the Winter league this year were Exiles and Marsascala who could hardly match up to the superiority of their more quoted opponents. Exiles were the better outfit of the two, especially with the Rizzo Naudi brothers, John Paris and Kayne Lanzon who brought a lot of experience to the team. Other than a close loss to Sirens and an emphatic victory against Marsascala, Exiles were no match for the top three teams during their march to the semifinals. Marascala on the otherhand lost all of their 5 games and their most respectable result was an 11-5 loss to Neptunes.

The Winter league continues with 2 semifinals on the 22nd May which we will preview right here at sportinmalta.com.

Forthcoming games
Saturday 22 May
Match A 16:00 Sliema McDonald’s vs Sirens Ritter Sports
Match B 17:15 San Giljan SC vs Neptunes Emirates

Saturday 29 May
16:00 3/4 place: Loser Match A vs Loser Match B
17:15 Final: Winner Match A vs Winner Match B


  1. MWRA says:

    Mr Peter Balzan and Mr Peter Girdano have just returned from italy after whistling in Serie A and B .Bothe the two referees reurned back with a good result.


  2. MWRA says:

    MWRA -Malta Waterpolo Referees Association Mr Peter Balzan and Mr Peter Giordano will be refereeing in Italy next Saturday.Mr Balzan will control the match from Serie A2 between Acicastello vs Citavecchia to be played in Catania while Mr Giordano will control the match from Serie B league in Rome between Perugia vs Basilicata. Good Luck to both


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