Waterpolo: Premier and First Division, 4th of July results

Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 12:23

Premier Division League

Neptunes Leo Vegas vs. Valletta United   9 – 5            PDL 2017-07-04 NEP-VLT

Neptunes made the difference essentially in the last two periods winning each of them as the score at the half time was 3-2. Steven Camilleri scored 4 goals for Neptunes.


First Division League

Otters Nivea vs. M’Skala Transcripta   10 – 8           FDL 2017-07-04 OTT-MSK

It has been a undecided game till the end even if Otters started better winning  4-1 at the half time but the third period ended at 7-7. It’s only in the last minute that the issue of the game was decided with Otters scoring the last goal 10-8.

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