Neptunes stun Exiles

Monday, June 10, 2013, 11:31

Exiles Ferretti 6 Neptunes Emirates 11

(1-5), (0-4), (1-0), (4-2)

Neptunes Emirates began their Summer Premier League commitments with a rather quirky win over Exiles Ferretti who seemed to come alive in the final two sessions. In fact Neptunes had virtually settled the encounter in the first two sessions which they won 5-1 and 4-0 establishing an eight goal advantage largely through the efforts of Molnar and captain Niki Lanzon who scored regularly. Exiles managed to put on a much better show in the third session shading it 1-0 while they actually improved their showing in the fourth session winning it 4-2 to establish a rather creditable 6-11 defeat. For the Sliema team the star player was Vojaslov with a brace.

Exiles Ferretti: I Bugeja, J Rizzo Naudi, S Vassallo, D Pace Lupi (1), N Portelli (1), J Spiteri Staines (1), C Vojaslav (2), K Griscti, P Borg, S Galea Pace, D Borg, K Lanzon (1)

Neptunes Emirates: A Borg Cole, N Lanzon (3), A Sammut, K Debattista, T Agius (1), A Ciric (1), S Camilleri (1), J Camilleri (3), G Pace, S Gravina, B Lanzon, T Molnar (2), C Mercieca

Referees: M Dalli, A Sgarri


Marsaxlokk ASC 12 Valletta United 16

(1-5), (4-3), (1-4), (5-4)

Valletta United were made to go all the way to gain their first points against Marsaxlokk ASC who put on a great show especially in the second and final sessions. In fact it all seemed one sided when Valletta won the first session 5-1 with Korolija and Filipovic in evidence. However Marsaxlokk recovered quite well in the second session shading it 4-3 largely with Robert and Paul Kovacs making their mark. The third session again saw Valletta establishing their superiority winning 4-1 with Cordina, Filipovic and Mock scoring regularly. The see saw encounter again swayed in the final session with Marsaxlokk winning 5-4 although Valletta ended relatively easy 16-12 winners.

Marsaxlokk ASC: A Xuereb, A Bajada, M Agius (1), E Meli (1), K Grech, K Mock (3), A Galea, C Bugeja (1), R Kovacs (3), P Kovacs (3), M Grima, D Spiteri, G Zammit

Valletta United: R Sciortino, S Meli (1), R Calleja, M Korolija (5), M Cordina (1), S Cachia (1), R Mock (3), N Bonello Ghio, C Debono (1), R Scerri (1), A Arrigo (1), D Filipovic (5), Z Sciberras

Referees: M Angileri, S Licari

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