Watch Malta’s last training session in Szczecin

Friday, July 1, 2011, 18:00

Watch snippets from Malta’s last training session in Szczecin.

Filming by Sunny Cuschieri


  1. Henry Borg says:

    Super well done, hope you keep up the coverage :) ! I guess you noticed that waterpolo is the most discussed sport on this site ;)


  2. polo fan says:

    grat job with the coverage you have given us. it is a pity we wont be watching the match on tvs. 

    However once again god job and hopefully you can keep it up even when there are no international fixtures….

    media coverage would pay a massive contribution to the growth of this sport. hopefully some attention can be lifted off other sport which is given 90% of the attention from all media and distributed to the less popular ones


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