Volleyball: MiniVolley Festival for Children as part of ‘Ċaqlaq’

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 13:26

As part of Fundación MAPFRE’s educational program entitled ‘Caqlaq’, on Sunday the Malta Volleyball Association organized a MiniVolley Festival for boys and girls aged 14 and under. During the festival, the children had the opportunity to learn about and play volleyball in a fun environment. The event was held under the supervision of the Malta volleyball national team coach, Brazilian Edvaldo Carvalho da Silva. Fundación MAPFRE was represented at the event by MAPFRE Middlesea’s CEO, Felipe Navarro.

This year, the focus of the Ċaqlaq program is on creating awareness and the enjoyment of physical exercise amongst school children. For this year’s edition of ‘Ċaqlaq’, Fundación MAPFRE has teamed up with the Malta Volleyball Association (MVA), which is implementing the program on its behalf. As part of the ‘Caqlaq’ program, the MVA is conducting a series of visits to primary and secondary schools, and organizing events for schoolchildren. In line with the theme of this year’s program, ‘Let’s all play’, these activities focus on giving children exposure to physical activity within a fun environment, while enabling them to experience aspects of physical activity, such as basic motor skills, agility, movement coordination, and teamwork.


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