Volleyball Marathon in aid of Dar tal-Providenza

Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 13:16

As the final preparations for the BOV Volleyball Marathon- fall into place, a volleyball team made up of BOV staff members acted as sparring partners and drew the lines against the marathon players.

Training for the marathon is in full swing with 40 players from a total of around 200 volunteers have been working around the clock since the beginning of June to ensure that this event is a success.

This training session proved useful few days ahead the kick-off of the gruelling 53-hour marathon to raise money for Dar tal-Providenza.

“Bank of Valletta is for the third year running, the main sponsor of the Volleyball Marathon in aid of Dar tal-Providenza. Through the BOV Volleyball marathon we want to encourage a healthy lifestyle while helping to raise funds for Id-Dar tal-Providenza to enable it to continue in carrying out the very important role it plays within the Maltese society. Moreover this year,the bank took up an active step in the preparation for the marathon and set up a team made up of staff members to take part in a training session against the marathon players,” Elvia George, Chief Officer Finance at Bank of Valletta said.

The BOV Volleyball Marathon, 53 hours of continuous play in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, is being held between Friday 5th and Sunday 7th of July 2013.


Contributions can be made by calling 50602011 for a €10 donation, 50602012 for a €15


donation and 50602013 for a €25 donation or through BOV Mobile Pay on 79324834. A


donation of €7 can be made by sending a blank SMS to 50618944.

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