Volleyball AGM still to be concluded … 2 months on

Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 22:17

by Sandro Micallef

Following the Annual General Meeting of the Malta Volleyball Association that was held on the 31st August 2010, our newsroom was contacted by a number of volleyball enthusiasts to voice their concern on various issues that arose from this meeting.

It seems that the AGM this year was only addressed by the President and the Vice-President with one of our sources saying that “Unfortunately, it seems that there are only two members in the MVA council as the others never appear and are only names on paper. This situation has persisted for many months if not years”.

The same source remarked that “In this year’s AGM, two basic rules were not followed: The statute says that any amendments to be discussed in the AGM must be forwarded to the Clubs by not later than 10 days before the meeting, and in this year’s case, the clubs received the documents only 3 days before the meeting. We were not even presented with the minutes of last year’s AGM for our approval”.

The second claim was that the rules within the MVA statute cannot be changed during an AGM, but can only be changed during an Extraordinary General Meeting that should be called for such a purpose.

This site is also informed that the financial report was not presented in the Annual General Meeting. When asked about this issue, our sources confirmed that no financial report was presented and said that apparently the reason given by the MVA President Branislav Vlahovic was that there was not enough time to prepare such a report. Such a report should have been compiled and presented by the Treasurer of the Association and during the same meeting the auditors should be appointed .

Finances within the MVA have been one of the hottest topics and over the past 3 years, as this Presidency never presented proper accounts, one of the  sources commented. “In previous AGM’s, clubs were given a cover sheet with a summary of the accounts, and each year clubs ask for a breakdown of each item, but to date none have been given. To add insult to injury, this year not even a summary was presented”.

Understandably, the focus of the Association this summer was on the organisation of an international Beach Volleyball tournament. But two months on, and with the volleyball season 2010/11 already being played, the AGM that was meant to conclude the 2009/10 season remains unconcluded.


  1. VolleyMalta says:

    Dawn l’Affarijiet ilom isiru fil- Volleyball Malta u hadd ma jitkellem. Mohhna biss biex norganizzaw affarijiet internazzjonali u insiefru lin Nazzjonal. Il bqija il league hadd ma jghati kasu. Il president tal MVA darba biss resaq lejn sports koplex waqt il loghob. Ghallinqas minn dak li rajt jiena. (jista jkun zbaljat ta).

    Il finanzi dejjem mohbija u hadd ma jaf x’hinu ghaddej.




  2. Is-seqer says:

    I think that many are tired of the state of volleyball in malta

    The beach volley league last summer started and never finished
    The basic administration e.g. the AGM are not given any importance
    The national team are not given enough (if any) international exposure
    NO volleyball news appears in the newspapers

    …the list goes on :(


  3. Chris Portelli says:

    Yet another amateur association to add to the list… this is why Malta hardly ever achieves good results overseas.

    I admire small associations like Rugby and Shooting who have a professional setup that inevitably attracts sponsors and improves the game.

    A suggestion to the KMS would be to organise short courses on how to manage sports clubs and associations as this would definitely help the local sports to improve. There needs to be more schooling on how to communicate, crisis management, basics of financials, legal and governmental issues etc.


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