Victories of professional level for Team Noel

Monday, March 17, 2014, 12:24

During Gladiators Night 7 Team Noel had four victories of which two were of professional level. These two matches were sanctioned under the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) .

Team Noel had six athletes participating in Kickboxing, Boxing and K1 matches and they competed with both local and foreign athletes. Daniel “the Jet” Zahra and Ruth Tanti were the club’s athletes that won the WKN professional matches.

Zahra confronted the Algerian Chiabotta with K1 rules and none of them gave pause in their attacks. Both athletes were constantly counterattacking and gaining points. Zahra began repeatedly hitting Chiabotta with knee strikes and in turn the Algerian started hitting the Maltese with hard straight punches. In the end it was a judges’ decision that gave victory to Zahra by points.

Tanti faced Aubertini from France with Kickboxing rules and although it was a match between women both athletes had no leg protection. Aubertini started pressing into Tanti and take the points by hand techniques. Tanti began circling several times the French athlete and avoiding attack to be able to use leg techniques. It was a very balanced match that led to a not an easy decision for the judges to give the victory to Tanti.

Melvin Fenech and Aiden B.Catania won their matches in Kickboxing rules. They were of semi-professional level and had to wear leg protection. Dareen Borg lost his Boxing match with Mercer from England with a KO. Brandon Spiteri lost his rematch with points after a keen match.

Another athlete from Team Noel, Ruben “the Wolf ” Azzopardi , currently undergoing training abroad , on Sunday 9 March competed and won in Brussels . He represented the Luxembourgish club of Sandsak Muay Thai and Malta also. Azzopardi had a 5×2 match of semi-professional level with K1 rules and gloves only. It was a relentless match which in the end the judges gave the victory to Azzopardi by points .

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