Vella/Cole win first division doubles title

Thursday, August 5, 2010, 16:42

Following on the heels of the Singles League, the 2009/10 Season’s edition of this Doubles competition, sponsored by Camray Co. Ltd, has recently come to its end as well.

It was made up of three separate Doubles categories: Men’s and Women’s Doubles as well as Mixed Doubles. The several fixtures were regularly played on Wednesday evenings at the Cottonera Sports Complex.

As was the case with the Singles competition, each fixture was made up of only two sets, thus creating the possibility of a drawn result.

The Men’s Doubles category was made up of two divisions. Its first division title was won by Kenneth Vella / David Cole (Pawla Wolves BC) who finished their eight-match commitment unbeaten with fourteen points, with six wins and two draws on their record.

The Pawla pair were closely followed by Boris Lalov / Stephen Ferrante (Msida Arrows BC), who finished similarly unbeaten just one point adrift of the leaders, with five wins and three draws.

The second division title was won by Michael Bugeja / George Camilleri (Shuttles BC). Godwin Grech / Charles Cassar (Pawla Wolves BC) took the runner-up spot.

The Women’s Doubles category was similarly made up of two divisions.

Veteran players Joanne Cassar / Catherine Dimech (Pawla Wolves BC) won the first division title after they managed to preserve their unbeaten status throughout the competition. They topped the final table with ten points, having won four and drawn two of their overall six matches.

Maria Borg / Fiorella Farrugia (B’Kara BC) were a distant second with six points. Their six-match record shows two wins, two draws and two losses.

Marisa Cilia / Grace Saliba (Shuttles BC) made the second division title their own. They topped the table with eleven points with five wins and a single draw in their six-match record, thus remaining unbeaten.

Dominique and Catriona Francica (Pawla Wolves BC) were second, with nine points. They were similarly unbeaten but had three wins and three draws in their match curriculum.

The Mixed Doubles category was made up no less than four divisions. The final placing in each division was as follows:

* Division 1:

(1) Maria Borg / Robert Salomone (B’Kara BC);

(2) Fiorella Farrugia / Samuel Cali (B’Kara BC).

* Division 2:

1. Maria Attard / Stephen Ferrante (Msida Arrows BC);
2. Marika Micallef / Albert Bezzina (B’Kara BC).

* Division 3:

1. Dominique Francica / Rodney Abela (Pawla Wolves BC);
2. Sharon Sultana / Norman Spiteri (Shuttles BC).

* Division 4:

1. Olga Fedotkina / Tony Borg (Msida Arrows BC);
2. Catriona Francica / Owen Grech (Pawla Wolves BC).

Badminton Malta congratulated all the participants for the high standard of play shown throughout this competition and augured that this would motivate them to a higher achievement next season.

It also paid tribute to Camray Co Ltd, whose valuable financial support made this event possible.

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