Vella and Magri Mountain Bike National Champions

Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 9:51

The Malta Mountain Bike Association National Championship Race was held in Mizieb last Sunday. With Malta’s top Mountain Bikers on the starting line the race promised to be a very exciting one and so it was. The single tracks along the olive orchard and technical cart ruts typical of the area made the race more interesting. Jason Vella (Team Greens) quickly got an advantage, with Mark Bonnici (Agones Pedal Power ), Etienne Bonello (Team Greens) and Maurice Formosa (The Cyclist) following. Formosa dropped off this group after several attacks from Vella in the first lap.

The trio managed to build a gap on their rivals however on the  2nd lap, Vella crashed and Bonello broke his chain. Bonnici took the  lead yet Vella managed to get up swiftly without loosing precious time. Bonnici and Vella raced head to head up until the finishing line. Vella gave a final surge in the last uphill, bridging Bonnici and finishing 1st.  Bonnici placed 2nd and Formosa 3rd.

Stephania Magri ( Agones Pedal Power ) won the fameless category and Liran Ben-Ari ( Agones Pedal Power ) won the Sport category.

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