Vella and Camilleri win ASMK Autocross and Motocross

Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 13:04

On Sunday 30 November ‘Assocjazzjoni Sports Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the third ASMK Meal POIATTI 2014/15 program of the season. The program consisted of Autocross and Motocross and Motocross races where 42 competitors took part. Two competitors were from Gozo.


A look at the day’s Autocross races where 25 competitors sportingly battled to qualify for the Class ‘A’ and ‘B’ Finals. The track was in optimal condition yet nobody managed to wins all the heats of the day. After the three qualifying heats the finalists were identified.

Class A qualified drivers were Jason Martin on Volkswagen Polo, Philip Joe Vella and Malcolm Borg both on an Opel Corsa each, Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat RITMO, Gordon Johnson on Peugeot 205 and Andrew Pisani on his Vauxhall Nova.


Right from the Start of this final we saw Vella ahead of Martin and Galea at their best launch. Vella took the helm of the race right to the Finish Line. Martin and Galea battled behind but soon Johnson began to close the gap on Galea which he overtook ina a couple of laps more. Now all three of Martin, Johnson and Galea battled close together but with no chance of closing the gap on Vella. The latter two waited in vain for that moment to advance a place before the race ends.

Though their racing was very fast yet all drove in a sporty and spectacular way right to the Finish Flag. This Race Final was won by Vella ahead of Martin, Johnson and Galea respectively. Pisani and Borg finished in fifth and sixth places respectively.


For the Class ‘B’ Finals Vince Farrugia on his Volkswagen Polo, Ivan Birmingham on a Suzuki Swift, Keith and Matthew Borg both on a Vauxhall Nova, Philip Grima on Ford Escort and Noel Zammit on his Fiat Punto. Right from the Start Farrugia was seen to make a very good launch so much so that he finished in first place ahead of Matthew Borg who was followed close by Ivan Birmingham. Keith Borg followed Birmingham with some gap between then. During this final race we saw no change in places as all maintained and defended their position right to the Finish. This Final ended with Farrugia in 1st Placefollowed by Matthew Borg and Birmingham respectively. Fourth place finisher was Noel Zammit. 5th was Borg Keith while Grima finished the final in sixth place.


This Sunday also saw the start of a new Championship Class called ‘Autocross Standard Class’. So far two competitors registered in this class. Deane Farrugia drives a Citreon AX and Gozo driver Joseph Vella on Ford Fiesta. The number of competitors in this class is expected to continue to grow in the coming days as now a number of cars are being modified right for this class. Meanwhile, the first activity in this class was won by Farrugia followed by Vella in second place.


This Sunday also saw the start of the Motocross championship following days of intensive training by all riders. This Sunday’s first Motocross event saw fifteen riders of various ages which were divided into two classes.


A Look into Class ‘A’ we saw Clayton Camilleri dominate his class on a KTM motorcycle. He won all the heats on the day followed very close by Paul Muscat on another KTM who managed to close the day in a venerable second place. Third place was very well battled between three competitors which were Edward Ciantar on Kawasaki, KTM and Trevor Muscat on Stefan Dimech on Honda. Though they changed places during the Heats they closed the day with the same points. Dimech finished in the best place among the three riders in the last race so he was awarded third place overall. Ciantar andMuscat finished in 4th and 5th places respectively.

Ludvic Muscat on a KTM dominated in Class ‘B’ and won both heats of the day. He was followed by Turu Micallef on a Honda motorcycle who finished the day in second place.Muscat and Micallef were followed by Adam Sultana in 3rdplace on Kawasaki motorcycle.


Also a newer race is taking place this season supported by new regulations for this section of Motocross. This ‘Motocross Open Race’ is open for all present on the day. This race takes place at the end of the day where 11 competitor race of 10 minutes. In the race we saw the capabilities of the Class A riders again. The final result was repeated when Camilleri won first place followed by Muscat and Dimech.

Meanwhile SMK notifies that the next activity at ASMK Sports complex will take place on Monday 8th December 2014 – a public holiday. This event starts at 11: 00am when the 4thAutocross Championship race takes place.


Meanwhile the Association has now opened the applications for the annual Demolition Derby race. All participants are expected for a meeting next Friday 12th December 2014 at the ASMK Club House at Mtarfa at 8: 00pm. The applications for this event close next Thursday and racing is scheduled to take place next Sunday 21st December 2014. This race will be held in aid of ISTRNA.

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