Valletta win Tony Parnis Cup. Flyers inflict heavy defeat on Hibs.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 10:33
Valletta San Antonio

Valletta San Antonio

Valletta San Antonio prevailed in the Tony Parnis Cup when they beat Aloysians Defenders in the best out of three games final series.

Champions Valletta lost the first game 3-0 as Aloysians looked set to take game 2 and close the series. But they found it hard to deal the final blow to Valletta who fought back in game two, winning it 3-2. This victory set up the deciding finale which Valletta won with a 3-1 score to lift the trophy.

Champions Paola Hibs bow down to Depiro Flyers

Depiro Flyers produced a major upset when beating reigning champions Paola Hibs by three sets to nil.

It was a stunning performance by Depiro from start to end and closed the issue without giving any chance to the Paolites to stay in the game for a longer time.

This solid performance came after a couple of defeats in league and cup which saw them perform below their habitual level.

Depiro started strongly as from the first rallies going into the lead by a couple of points, only for Paola to go ahead in turn.

The game was tied up at 14-14, till 16-16. At this point Paola seemed to have gained superiority, going 19-16 in front.

At this score, Depiro coach called a time-out which revealed to be decisive because Depiro regained the service and a run of seven consecutive services by Amanda Agius saw them sprint to a 24-19 lead.

Paola survived two set points, only to lose the first set 25-21.

The second set started on an identical note as the first, with Depiro taking an early lead at 11-5 which they managed to keep till the end of the set, ending the set with an identical score of 25-21.

At this point with Depiro leading two sets to nil, the pressure was all on reigning champions Paola who surely did not want to succumb without a fight.

But yet again, Depiro started the third set in the same manner as the previous two, and went ahead 13-8 after an 8-7 lead for Paola.

Depiro maintained the same point difference till 22-18 and seemed capable of arriving till the end without major problems.

At this point Paola reacted strongly winning six consecutive points thus arriving to have a set point in their favour at 24-22.

Here Depiro seemed to have lost their composure even because two time-outs did not give them the desired twist to the set or play.

With Paola so close to reopen the game, Depiro showed character and regained their concentration to win four consecutive precious points to win the third and final set 26-24.

This thrilling end saw Paola lose a game without winning a set, and Depiro delirious after their second-ever win on their opponents.

Excellent team-work and very good defence and service-reception, with libero Lindsay Cordina playing excellently in back-court, earned Depiro a precious win which might have reopened the title race.

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