Valletta win hard-fought game

Thursday, October 11, 2012, 22:11
courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent
APS Bank Under 17 Section A
Hamrun S     1      Valletta   3
This action-packed and hard-fought game was watched by a sizeable crowd at Rabat Ground.
Both sides had their very good moments and referee Manuel Calleja had a very difficult game to control which he did admirably. Valletta are now on 7 points from three games while Hamrun are still without any points also from three games.
Hamrun created the first actions. Seymour Micallef served Gary Cauchi with a through ball and City keeper Ryan Caruana had to come out of his charge and kick the ball away to safety. Joyfred Farrugia dribbled past an oppnent on the right flank and Caruana neutralised the ball from his cross and Ryan Spiteri served Cauchi in the area and Caruana foiled him with a timely sortie.
In a reation by Valleta they mounted three actions. A one-two between Jurgen Suda and Ian Montanaro finished with the latter’s shot from inside the area being blocked. After Suda was fouled on the right flank Dario Zampa floated a high ball in the area from the free kick and the ball was headed away and Leon Camilleri released Mirco Vella on the left flank and the ball sailed over the bar from his cross-shot.
Valletta opened the score in the 33rd minute as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Suda and in the melee that ensued Nicky De Gabriele lobbed the ball in the roof of the net.
Hamrun then mounted the last two actions before the interval. Cauchi was fouled on the left flank and the ball was headed away from the free kick by Jake Grech and Luke Galea served Cauchi with a through ball in the area and Caruana dived at his feet and smothered the ball.
The first action after restart was created by Hamrun when Brady Galea poun/ced on a faulty short goal kick and after entering the area Caruana saved his shot in two attempts.
Hamrun equalised in the 52nd minute as substitute Luca Bugeja dribbled past a defender on the left flank, served Grech with a square pass who scored with a hard low drive after entering the area.
In an action by Valletta Vella served Suda with a through ball, the latter returned the compliment to Clint Zammit in the area and Hamrun keeper Matthew Taliana denied him with a diving save.
In the 65th minute Valletta restored their slender lead as Zammit served Zampa with a through ball outside the area and he scored a beauty with a rising shot in the top left hand corner of the net from 45 metres.
Hamrun kept trying and mounted two other actions. After Bugeja was fouled on the right flank the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick by Grech and Caruana saved a free kick shot by Micallef after Cauchi was fouled outside the area.
Three minutes before the end of normal time Valletta scored their third goal after a choral move between three players. Vella served Kurt Drakary with a through ball who after entering the area served Zammit with a square pass who scored with a hard diagonal drive.
In a last fling by Hamrun substitute Samuel Lucas served substitute Christopher Tanti with a through ball and Caruana saved his shot from outside the area.
Referee: Manuel Calleja                               Player of the match: Jurgen Suda (Valletta)

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