Valletta Volleyball Club in Milan training camp

Thursday, February 25, 2010, 9:49

During the first week of March, a contingent of 12 players from Valletta Volleyball Club shall be holding a training camp in Milan. The team currently holds the national league title and is also leading the standings this season while 8 of these players are also part of the Malta National Volleyball team.

The training camp materialized as a result of the excellent relations that exist between the club’s administration and their Italian counterparts. “It is an honour for Valletta to be invited for this training camp which will be a great learning experience for our players and also give them the much needed experience to improve their game”, said Jonathan Chetcuti, Valletta’s captain.

Besides the daily training sessions, during the team’s 4-day camp, the Valletta players will also play 3 friendly matches against top teams in the Italian Serie C and Serie B2 national league. Valletta have also been invited to watch a live game of the Italian Serie A league between Acqua Paradiso Monza and Lube Macerata, two of the top 7 clubs in Italy. The contingent will also be received by the mayor of Monza for a meeting to be held on the 3rd March.

“This training camp is also our way of thanking our players for the commitment and dedication towards the club, and our hosts have gone to great lengths to give us the best exposure to all aspects of volleyball during our stay”, added Owen Spiteri, Valletta’s setter and official delegate. “Besides being their guests at the Serie A game, we will also have the chance to be present at the training session of Serie A team Acqua Paradiso Monza. This will be an excellent opportunity for our coaches and players to learn from a team with world class players such as Gavotto, Travica and Exiga and Italy’s ex national team assistant coach Mauro Berruto” said Mr. Spiteri.

The players that have been called up for the Milan training camp are the following:

Setters: Josef Pirotta, Owen Spiteri

Central Spikers: Dalton Caruana, Jonathan Chetcuti, Keith Mifsud

Outside Spikers:
Robert Balzan, Cedric Bondin, Anatoly Gatt, Stephen Riolo, Anatole Scerri Diacono, Paul Tonna

Libero: Vince Pace

The training camp is being made possible with the support of Airmalta, Sportika sports apparel, Powerade and the Valletta Local Council.

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