Valletta Subbuteo Club leave to conquer Mons

Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 7:37

On Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th the Valletta Subbuteo Club will be fulfilling another one of it’s commitments abroad by competing in the Major of Mons in Belgium.  The team which is currently ranked 29th in the world, will be competing against teams which are highly rated and highly ranked namely TFC Mattersburg (1st), Atlas TFC (2nd) and Bologna Tigers (14th) among others.  Besides competing for the teams’ title, the players will be competing for the individual honours that are available.  The team is made up of Derek Conti (7th), Samuel Bartolo (14th), Chris Thomas (20th), Joseph Borg Bonaci (49th), Chris Short (62nd) and Mario Camilleri (82nd) who will compete in the open category.

Jason Pisani (34th) and Vincent Mifsud (145th) will be competing in the veterans’ category against the worlds number 1 Joseph Mifsud.  A small note about this tournament is that no Maltese player has ever won the tournament but in 2009 Valletta’s own Joseph Borg Bonaci did make it to the final which he lost against the current world number 1 Carlos Flores of Spain.  The team returns from Belgium on Monday 6th at 21:45 hopefully with cup in hand.

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  1. dominic aquilina says:

    Awguri lit team tal Valletta Subbuteo club ghal major of mons fil belgium.

    Dominic Aquilina


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