Valletta stun Aloysians in five sets. Fleur De Lys in decider.

Thursday, March 22, 2012, 16:52

Champions Valletta staged an impressive comeback in their Men’s First Division game against Aloysians and could force a decider if they beat Mgarr in their final league game.

Aloysians needed a win in this game to take the League for the first time in their history after having beaten Valletta in their first round encounter.

Aloysians made their intentions clear, opening a comfortable 8-2 lead in the first set, which they administered till the very end until the end thanks to their effective defence and tactical attacking off Valletta’s high block.

The second set was similar to the first, with Valletta suffering in service reception while Aloysians kept their calm to win one point at a time to close the set 25-21.

The third set saw Valletta finally reacting by putting more fighting spirit into every ball, together with better blocking that put a lot of pressure on Aloysians’ defence and attack. The result was inevitable with the Reds closing the set 25-20, clawing their way back into a game that was completely lost.

Galvanised by their improved performance, Valletta piled on the pressure in the fourth set and raced to a comfortable lead that at times saw them drift 7 points clear from their opponents.

But Aloysians were determined to win this set and unexpectedly levelled the score at 24-24 to set up a thrilling end to this set. In fact Aloysians had 6 Championship points that were all annulled by Valletta, with the latter closing the set with an impressive 37-35 score.

The final set, played after over 150 minutes of play, was a tense affair. Aloysians took the upper hand with a 4-2 and and 8-4 advantage, with Valletta’s options looking bleak.

Valletta earned some points to come within 3 points of their opponents at 13-10, but Aloysians set themselves up with two more Championship points when the score read 14-12 in their favour.

One final push by Valletta saw them turn the tables on their opponents to win the set 18-16 and the game 3-2.

Ladies First Division

Fleur de Lys vs Flyers Depiro

The second game of the afternoon saw Depiro face Fleur de Lys. Depiro were without their national team player Amanda Agius, and Charles Gauci’s team also suffered a second setback early during the game with the injury of Lindsay Cordina.

Fleur de Lys, were determined to win the game, which would take them to a shared spot at the top of the league table, with Paola Hibs Candy.

Fleur de Lys won the first set and looked as being on track to the coveted top spot, however, Depiro showed impressive skill in defending each Fleur de Lys attack and took the lead by two sets to one.

Fleur de Lys coach, David Bonnici made a number of substitutions, with Shana Bugeja and Daniela Muscat playing from the outside position which proved fruitful as they were able to force better play.

Belinda Milton, Thais Gatt and setter Sarah ElGasi all gave their utmost to take home the game with a final score of 3-2.

Next Sunday, in the last game of the 2011/2012 season, Fleur de Lys face Paola Hibs. This league decider is sure to keep all supporters present at the game well entertained.

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