Unlucky Red/Blues

Thursday, January 31, 2013, 18:57
courtesy of Victor Ciangura 
APS Bank Under 15 Section C 1
Birzebbuga   3      Marsa   2
This game was full of actions as both sets of players played attractive football. Birzebbuga enjoyed he lion’s share of exchanges in the first period whilr the second period was a balanced affair. Marsa are in third placing on 18 points from 10 games while Birzebbuga are in penultimate place on 6 points also from 10 games. Tme Marsa youngsters were very unluck as they were denied by the woodwork on three occasions.  
Marsa mounted the first two actions.Carlston Cardona served Telly Grima with a through ball in the area and Birzebbuga keeper Gareth Debono foiled him with a timely sortie in two attempts as he dived at his feet and a one-two between Matthias Zarb and Cardona finished with the latter trying his luck from outside the area and Debono saved his shot.
Kursten Bugeja was fouled on the right flank and the same player drove over the bar from the free kick, the same palyer was fouled again minutes later and Marsa keeper Bradon Pace partly saved his shot from the fre kick and the ball was cleared away and Pace.
In the 19th minute Marsa were twice denied by the woodwork.Birzebbuga player Brandon Spiteri handled the ball just outside the area. Zarb took charge of the free kick and after the ball thumped the bar it came in the path of Dunstan Bonnici and the ball hit the base of the upright from his hard drive, and hardly a minute later, from another free kick by Denilson Sammut from the left edge of the area the ball hit the near post and finished out. 
Marsa resumed with their pressing and mounted the last two actions before the break. Telly Grima was fouled outside the area and Zarb drove slightly over the bar from the free kick and Cardona served Grima in the area and Debono was able to save his weak shot. 
Marsa were awarded an indirect free kick in the area after Debono handled the ball from a back-pass, Douglas Cassar served Spiteri with a short pass and the ball was cleared on the line from his shot. 
In the 44th minute Birzebbiga opened the score against the run of play when from a flag kick by Jonah Sghendo, Kursten Bugeja scored with a low shot from inside the area. 
In the 49th minute Marsa were awarded a penalty when Cassar was pushed in the area by Spiteri, who was shown the red card after a second bookable offence,and Debono dived and partly saved the hard grounder by Ryan Gafa and the ball was cleared away. 
Marsa equalised in the 57th minute when Cassar served Cardona in the area after dribbling past an opponent and he scored with a hard grounder, and two minutes later they scored a second goal when Leon Gafa dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and scored with a hard low shot after entering the area. 
Despite being with ten men Birzebbiga did not throw the towel and mangaed to equalise in the 62nd minute when they were awrded a free kick in midfield and from Bugeja’s hard rising shot Pace fumbled the ball which ended at the back of the net.
Three minutes before the end of naormal time Birzebbuga scored a dramtic winner as Bugeja contolled a loose ball in midfield and after dribbling past two opponent he entered the area and scored with a very hard low drive. 
Birzebbuga:G.Debono, K.Camilleri, M.Brincat, K.Mangion (M.Tarbuli 36), J.Zammit, K.Bugeja, K.Vella, G.Camilleri (F.Ghebremarian 36), J.Sghendo, B.Spiteri, M.Camilleri 
Marsa: B.Pace, M.Zarb, C.Cardona, D.bonnici, D.Sammut (R.Cassar 43), A.Camilleri, T.Grima, R.Gafa’, D,Cassar, N,Spiteri 
Referee: Chris Cardona 
Player of the match: Kursten Bugeja (Birzebbuga)   

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