Unlucky Kane Pisani in the Drift Cup

Sunday, November 3, 2019, 6:33

The Maltese adventure at the first edition of the FIA Motorsport Games at the Vallelunga circuit ended prematurely. Of all the different motorsport disciplines Malta competed only in the Drift Cup and was represented by Drifting Driver Kane Pisani. Practice runs were held during the rainy afternoon of Friday, and while this was already an issue Pisani also suffered technical damage resulting in losing one of his back wheels. Pisani’s team did all they could, but although they fixed the car to be on track for the next practice it was not competitive. Pisani did not manage to qualify for the second round that was scheduled for Saturday.

On social media Pisani expressed his disappointment and apologized to his fans for the unfortunate experience. In return, his followers responded with comments of encouragement and augured Pisani that he will not be unlucky again like this next time.

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