Under 17 knock out

Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 9:25
Good Causes Fund Cup
Under 17 Knock Out Competition
Superior Dingli out-class Mtarfa
Mtarfa  2      Dingli   5
Dingli found no difficulty in beating Mtarfa as they were far more better in their approaches as they played methodical football. Their passing was a delight to watch. Their opponents in the First Round are Melita. Mtarfa lacked ideas both in defence and up front.
The first three actions were created by Dingli. Andre’ Magro served Daniel Mamo with a square pass and he missed the upright from outside the area. Glenn Abela floated a high ball in the aea from a free kick and from a header by Mamo the ball hit the uright with Mtarfa keeper Denilson Briffa beaten and Mamo released Silvan Tonna in the area and Briffa saved his grounder. 
Dingli opened the score in the 14th minute when Gareth Asciak served Mamo with a long through ball who scored with a lobbed ball after entering the area. 
In another action by Dingli Mamo served Andrea’ Cremona with a cross from the left but he drove over the bar from inside the area. 
The score became 2-0 in the 20th minute after a choral move between three players. Dylan Camenzuli released Cremona on the right flank who in turn served Magro in the area who scored with a grounder. 
In the only action by Mtarfa in the 23rd minute Matthew Borg pounced on a faulty clearance and Dingli keeper Sheldon Sammut saved his shot from inside the area. 
Dingli then created the last two actions before the break. Magro served Mamo with a square pass and Sammut saved his shot in two attempts and Tonna was then fouled on the left flank and the ball was cleared away from the free kick by Mamo. 
The second period was dominated by Dingli as Mtarfa created only three actions. 
Seven minutes after the restart Dingli scored their third goal as Camenzuli served Cremona with a cross from the left and scored with a grounder from inside the area. Mtarfa keeper Briffa became angry with his defenders after this goal and the referee showed him the red card for swearing, and as they had no reserve keeper defender Odin Sammut had to take charge of the posts.
In an action by Mtarfa Jordi Farrugia pounced on a loose ball but he drove over the bar from outside the area.
In the 58th minute Dingli made it 4-0 when Magro was fouled on the right flank and after the same player floated a high ball in the area from the free kick  Mamo scored with a hard rising shot.
Mtarfa reduced the gap in the 61st minute as they won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Matthew Calleja and after the ball was partly cleared outside the area Andrea Calleja scored from the rebound with a hard grounder.
In the 69th minute Mtarfa scored a second goal Jordi Farrugia served Matthew calleja in the area and after he was tripped by the onrushing keeper Jordi Farrugia made it 2-4 from the penalty spot.
In the 71st minute the score became 5-2 when Mamo dribbled past three opponets and scored with a low shot after entering the area.
A minute before the end Dingli came very close a sixth goal when Mamo dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and after he crossed the ball to Camenzuli the ball hit the upright from his shot with Sammut beaten.
Mtarfa: D.Briffa, L.Ambrose, M.Borg, A.Borg, A.Calleja, M.Calleja,K.Conti, ( A.Galea 19), J.Farrugia, D.Francalanza, O.Sammut, N.Grech
Dingli: S.Sammut, G.Abela, ( R.Micallef 52 ), L.Antonelli, G.Asciak, F.Azzopardi, D,Camenzuli, J.Casha, A.Magro, D.Mamo, S.Tonna, R.Vella
Referee: Rick Heckenlaible

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