Under 15: Lucky win for Sirens

Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 22:26

by Victor Ciangura

APS Bank Under 15 Section c 1

Lija-Iklin 0  – Sirens 1

Sirens should consider themselves lucky of having won the three points from this game as Lija-Iklin did most of the attacking and Sirens keeper Trustan Attard thwarted the Lija-Iklin forwards on many occasions with goos saves and timely sorties. After a balance first period Lija-Iklin enjoyed the lion’s share of exchanges after the restart.

The first two actions were created by Lija-Iklin. Bjorn Camilleri served Darren spiteri in the area but sirens keeper Attard foiled him with a timely sortie and Carl Xerri served Spiteri with a through ball but Carrald Vella foiled him with a timely tackle.

Sirens then created two actions. Alan Romeo served Julius Demicoli with a through pass and Malcolm Fenech foiled with a timely intervention and Malcolm Gauci served Dejan Azzopardi with a through ball and Liam Camilleri foiled him with a perfect timelt tackle.

In a reaction by Lija-Iklin Spiteri served Larken Micallef in the area and the ball was cleared tro a corner following his shot, at the other end moments later,Ryan Mizzi was fouled outside the area and the ball was cleared from the area after the free kick shot by Gauci.

The last three actions before the interval were created by Lija-Iklin. Adam Camilleri was fouled on the right flank and after the free kick by the same player Xerri missed the upright from inside the area. Micallef then served spiteri in the area and Attard saved his close-range shot and later saved a free kick shot by Liam Camilleri after Luke Mamo was fouled outside the area.

Lija-Iklin were the firat to threaten after the restart as they mounted five actions in a row. After Adam Camilleri was fouled outside the area Attard had to dive full length to save the free kick shot by Luke Camilleri. Jonathan Chetcuti was fouled on the left flank and the ball hit the defensive barrier from the free kick shot by Liam Camilleri. Attard then neutralised the ball from a cross from the right flank by Chetcuti. Luke Camilleri served Chetcuti in the area and Attard smothered the ball by diving at his feet and Liam Camilleri, after beating a defender, tried his luck from outside the area and Attard turned the ball to a corner with a diving save.

In the first action by Sirens in the 54th minute they opened the score after a choral move between three players. Gauci served Demicoli on the right flank who in turn crossed the ball in the area to substitute Godwin Mangion who shot past Lija-Iklin keeper Ryan Micallef.

Lija-Iklin tried to get on level terms and they mounted two actions. Luke Camilleri served Spiteri in the area and Attard foiled him with a timely sortie and in a similar move between Adam Camilleri and Spiteri the alert Attard neutralised the ball with another timely sortie.

Sirens then created the last action before the end. Mangion was fouled on the right flank, Demicoli served Jocelyn Daja with a short pass who floated the ball in the area but was cleared away by a defender.

Referee: Abdel Radwan Player of the match: Trustan Attard (Sirens ‘keeper)


  1. noel says:

    jocelyn daja is my cousin


  2. Larken says:

    Int bis serjeta?!?! Good game Sirens….


  3. david xuereb says:

    Thans for posting the game report information . Good game for sirens 


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