Under 15: Double figures in one-sided game

Monday, September 27, 2010, 22:29

by Victor Ciangura

APS Bank Under 15 Section C 2

Ghaxaq 0 – Mgarr Utd 11

The final score line is a clear indication that there was only one team in the game. The Mgarr youngsters had an easy outing against Ghaxaq who offered a very feeble challange. The Mgarr forwards found it very easy to penetrate the Ghaxaq defnce and midfield sector.

Mgarr went straight on the offensive and mounted three actions in a row. Gabriel Vella served Luke Vella on the left flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross. Bjorn Camilleri served Daniel Vassallo in the area and Ghaxaq keeper Nikolai Cauchi saved his header in two attempts and Daniel Law served Luke Vella on the left flank who then crossed to Nicholas Abela in the area but he drove out.

In the 8th minute they opened the score with a choral move between three players. Jeremy Debono served Jonathan Gianino on the right flank who after entering the area he crossed to Luke Vella who scored with a low shot.

Ghaxaq created their only action in the first half in the 11th minute when they were awarded a free kick but the high ball in the area by Owlyn Abela was headed away.

Mgarr resumed with their pressing. Abela drove over the bar after a cross by Luke Vella. Vassallo served Gabriel Vella in the area and the ball hit the bar from his lobbed ball with Cauchi beaten who then denied Vassallo with a diving save after an Abela through ball.

The score became 2-0 in the 18th minute when Abela served Gabriel Vella with a through ball, the latter returned the compliment to Vassallo in the area and he shot past Cauchi, and five minutes later they scored a third goal: Law served Vassallo with a through pass, who in turn served Luke Vella on the left flank and from his cross Vassallo scored from inside the area.

Mgarr scored their fourth goal five minutes before half time with a move which involved three players. Luke Vella served Law on the left flank who then crossed to Vassallo in the area who netted with a grounder.

All the actions after restart were all created by Mgarr and eight minuted after reatart they scored a fifth goal when Abela served Gabriel Vella in the area who scored with a low shot and two minutes later the same player made it 6-0 after a similar move.

Substitute Damien Attard scored a seventh goal in the 44th minute after a cross by Abela.
In the 48th minute Abela scored direct from a free kick after substitute Andrew Deguara was fouled outside the area, to make it 8-0 and two minutes later Gabriel Vella scored No 9 after a Luke Vella cross.

Between the 67th and 68th minutes Mgarr added two further goals Gabriel and Luke Vella.

Referee: Etienne Mangion Player of the match:Nicholas Abela (Mgarr Utd)

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