Two red cards in keen game

Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 12:22

by Victor Ciangura courtesy of the Malta Independent.
APS Bank Under 17 Section A

Hamrun S   1      Valletta   1
A draw was a fair result in this keen and action-packed game as both teams had their very good moments and neither side dominated the other. Hamrun gained their first point from three games while Valletta are on seven points also from three games.
The first action was created by Valletta when Shawn Galea Lucas served Matthew Thorne with a cross from the right and he missed the upright from outside the area and moments later at the other end, Daniel Zerafa served Ryan Bonello with a through ball but Galea Lucas foiled him with a timely tackle.
In another action by Hamrun, Jake Azzopardi served Ayrton Micallef on the right flank and after entering the area City keeper Yenz Cini saved his close-range shot.
Hamrun opened the score in the 11th minute when Roberto Camilleri served Ayrton Micallef with a through ball and despite harrased by two defenders entered the area and scored with a low shot, but their joy was short-lived as Valletta equalised two minutes later through Siraj Arab who scored from inside the area after he was put through by Thorne. 
The Spartans then mounted three actions in a row. After a run down the right flank by Azzopardi, who dribbled past an opponent in the process, he served Ryan Spiteri with a cross in the area but Cini saved his header. Zerafa was then fouled on the right flank and from the free kick by Luke Grech the ball was cleared to a corner. After Azzopardi ws fouled on the right flank the ball was cleared with difficulty from Grech’s free kick.
Valletta came very close to a second goal in the 27th minute when Siraj Arab was fouled on the left edge of the area and from the free kick by Glenn Cassar, his twin brother Samir headed slightly out from inside the area.
In the last action before the break, Ryan Bonello was fouled on the right flank and the ball was headed away to a corner after a well-taken free kick by Grech.
The first two actions after the restart were created by Valletta. Cassar served substitute Ryan Ciantar in the area but Hamrun keeper Isaac Zammit Cordina saved his close-range shot and later he neutralised the ball from a cross by Galea Lucas after the latter’s run down the right flank.
In the 47th minute Hamrun were reduced to ten men when Zerafa was shown the red card for punching an opponent. In a Hamrun attack, substitute Jacob Rakban served Micallef with a through pass but Galea Lucas foiled him with a timely intervention.
Valletta came very close on two occasions in the 63rd and 65th minutes. Ciantar served Siraj Arab in the area with a perfect cross and Zammit Cordina saved his header and after Seybell Zammit served the same player in the area Zammit Cordina foiled with a timely sortie in two attempts.
In the 67th minute Valletta were also reduced to ten men. Ryan Spiteri served Micallef with a through ball on the edge of the area and was tripped from behind by Fabio Muscat who was shown the red card. From the resultant free kick, which was taken by Micallef, the ball was partly cleared and it came in the path of Luke Grech who thumped the ball against the bar with Cini beaten.
In the last action before the nd, Siraj Arab served Cassar on the right flank and Zammit Cordina neutralised the ball from his cross.
Referee: Gordon Barbara                                          Player of the match: Jake Azzopardi (Hamrun S)

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